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Nov 23, 2010 04:56 AM

Is the liver served in Turkish restaurants calf's liver or chicken liver?

I love it and want to serve as an appetizer, but I thought it was definately calf's liver until a friend told me it may be chicken liver. Help!

I usually eat it by itself and just saute in some oil with rosemary and s&p. Any other ideas? Thanks!!

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  1. More than likely you've been served calve's liver; that was my experience in Turkey anyway. A nice little hor's d'ouvre would be to sear it with some herbs, to about medium, cube it and serve it on picks. With a raki chaser. ; )

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      Great!!! You saved me a call to the Turkish restaurant we go to!! :) Thanks mamachef & tongo!

      1. When I've had it it was calves' liver seasoned with a coriander-heavy rub, seared and then cut up into cubes for serving.

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