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Nov 23, 2010 04:02 AM

Empanada/Jamaican Patty/Pierogie Manufacturer in Montreal

Hey People!

I need some help. I know this may be an overly specific question, but I need to know if there are any manufacturers in the Montreal or close by region that produces frozen empanada or jamaican patty like snack foods. Ideally, they would be both provincially and federally inspected.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. IIRC they sell them by the box in the freezer section at Aubut on St-Ambroise.

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    1. re: eat2much

      Thanks for the info. I can't find any information abot IIRC. Who are they? Is that they manufacturer?

      1. re: Kafka66

        Welcome to the internet. IIRC stands for "If I remember/recall correctly". It's not an acronym for a company.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Hilarious. I had never seen that abbrevation before.

    2. Lloydies produces the best J'ca Patties commercially. His address is 5595 Cote de Liesse Tel 514-747-7878

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      1. re: finefoodie55

        Didn't realize they were local. Thanks for the information.

        1. re: Kafka66

          Depending on what type of volume you need, you can try Mr. Spicees on Victoria or Mr. Pattie on Patricia on NDG who both make them on premises and are very good.