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Nov 23, 2010 03:41 AM

Pomegranates--your tips for juicing (without a juicer) and recipe ideas

We were given quite a few freshly picked pomegranates (and lemons and grapefruits) and I need to use these babies up soon. A lot of the recipes I've come across call for pom juice, instead of just the seeds, so I'm interested in juicing a few.

Any tips? Cook's Illustrated recommends rolling the pomegranate and cutting the stem off and juicing it this way but I wonder if that actually extracts most of the juice. Any pom juice experts out there? I don't have a juicer so I'd have to do this manually.

Also if you have any ideas on how to use them in recipes (alone or along with grapefruit and lemons...), please share! Looking for inspiration. I made an avocado, pomegranate salsa the other day that my hubby gobbled up. I may make that again since he was literally licking the bowl.

I don't have it but can easily pick up some pomegranate molasses since I see that in a lot of recipes, too.


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  1. I was thinking it might be possible to take all the seeds out, put them in a food processor/blender, than strain out the seeds?

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      I actually read this somewhere and I may try it. I wasn't sure whether the seeds would make the juice taste bitter but I may give this a try!

    2. I've mainly used the seeds as garnish, and I've used the juice (which I bought) in many drinks and as a vinaigrette acid (which was delicious on both green and fruit salad) and it occurs to me that you can give the fruit a roll, dump the seeds into a fine-mesh colander, and crush away.

      1. Mmm...I love pomegranate. I eat the seeds along with berries in cereal for breakfast just about every morning. One of our family Thanksgiving tradition is a cranberry jello mold with pomegranates and pecans. It's so good. Pomegranate seeds are great on an arugula salad w/blue cheese. Hmmm...that's all my ideas for now.

        1. I am no expert, but got several poms in my CSA box last week. Made a pork loin roast and decided i wanted to include some juice in the marinade. I took a quarter pomegranate and literally squeezed it by hand: held it in my hand, held a strainer in the other hand, and squeezed. Using a quarter pom made it easier to do by hand (my hands are small and it was a large pomegranate). Got a surprisingly substantial amount of juice. Afterwards, I was able to pick some seeds that hadn't been broken and put them into the marinade, to add color and visual appeal.

          I wasn't following a recipe on the marinade, but I believe it had garlic, a bit of habanero infused olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper, some wine, pomegranate juice...

          Pomegranate seeds and grapefruit pieces would be lovely in a spinach salad...

          1. I'd start with a plastic bag covering my entire torso and clean kitchen gloves :) but that's just me. With room temp, very ripe pomms you should not have too much trouble extracting the juice. Just place a strainer over a large bowl so the seeds (which you can use for other things) and the juice are separate from the start. I usually cut the pomms into large quarters and squeeze away.