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Nov 22, 2010 08:30 PM

Does Rungis have a special opening for Christmas?

I remember seeing somewhere on the board that Rungis is open to particuliers every 2nd Friday. Does anyone know if they do a special open-to-the-public day just before Christmas? Try as I may, I can't navigate their website to save my life!

My MIL has been able to go buy Christmas dinner there once, but she doesn't remember anything about it (she says it never happened when everybody else in the family says it did!) so she's no help. DH and I are feeding 30 family members plus their kids this christmas, we won't be able to afford a dinner with all the requisite items if we can't buy them in bulk.

any help is much appreciate!

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  1. You need a card to be able to buy in Rungis. And to get one, you need to be a professional. Now, you can go to Rungis every night -- just pay the toll at the entrance. But buying is not possible. As for christmas, I am not aware of special hours or opening.

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      eoh.... so what's the 2nd friday of the month business? are you allowed to buy on that day without a card? If not, then what's the point of that special day each month?

      1. re: kerosundae

        Not certain why you find the site tricky (it is in English):

          1. re: kerosundae

            It is also in English and if you follow the links you get to the details I put in my first post.

          2. re: PhilD

            while that site linked is plain and simple, it's only for their organized visits on the 2nd Fridays, so putting it together, I'm getting this:
            If you want an organized tour, it's on 2nd Friday of the month.
            If you go by yourself, you go whenever you want.
            in either case, you can't buy unless you're a pro with a card.
            Is that right?

            1. re: kerosundae

              That is what the site says and is also what others say on blogs posts etc.

              It is a wholesale market and thus not geared up for members of the public to visit or purchase. I get the impression that official tours are fine, organised tours are tolerated (there are a few on Lebovitz's site) but individuals are not encouraged - which is understandable given the industrial nature of the market and all the trucks and forklifts shifting mountains of food - it must be a safety nightmare.