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Nov 22, 2010 07:44 PM

Singapore Casino Restaurants

I see a post about Restaurant Cut, but has anyone tried the other casino restaurants at Marina Sands? I'll be back in Singapore in January and was planning on trying the new places. One complication is that I'm usually dining alone so restaurants featuring eating bars or communal tables are always preferable, though generally hard to find in Asia.

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  1. Just bumping. Really, nobody has gone to Marina Sands for food? Is the Mario Batali restaurant open?

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      I ate at Waku Ghin recently - there is a chain of comments on the food and price if you want details. Eating is at Teppanyaki-style counters which is why I raise it as a possible option for you.

    2. i would give Osia at resorts world sentosa my utmost recommendation. the pre dinner menu(till 730pm) is a steal.. for $38++ 3 course( not avail on fridays, sat, eve of and pubic holidays) .. the ingredients used are of top quality and executed almost flawlessly, and most of the times, the ingredients used in the singapore western dining scene left me totally unimpressed along with their shoddy execution(many names come to mind, like otto). if u ask me for a comparison, the dinner at osia was much better than the lunch at jaan(when andre chiang was there).

      i had their signature stone hearth bread. appetizers for me and my dining partner were, mesculun salad( good parmigianno used) , grapefruit and some other veges. the other 1 was ocean trout (good fish and taste). mains were pan fried barramundi(very moist) on some potato puree with shaved asparagus(i think) and beef with some sides of funghi( very aromatic and earthly tones), sauce was excellent .
      desserts were abit generic but good . also had the seafood ice experience, interesting dish allows for many tasting. there was one testube pop candy like thingy , didnt taste the seafood inside, didnt know what it was.. maybe my dining partner ate it.

      ambiance at Osia is very spacious and nice with open kitchen concept and a bar sitting. service is excellent. The rest of the casino restaurants are simply too expensive and of no value to me.

      1. Can't recommend Santi. Just not very impressed by it...

        1. Tried Chinois by Susur Lee at Hotel Michael, Resort World Sentosa. Quite good and definitely better than Feng Shui Inn at Crockford Tower Hotel next door. Both formal Chinese restaurants.

          Marina Bay Sands - Santi has $195, $235 & $350 set dinners only (before taxes and service charge). Guy Savoy has $375 set dinner but also a la carte menu which is also quite expensive (all desserts are $50). Be prepared to pay!
          Ku De Ta on 57th floor has good views but I heard the food is not very good.

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            Had dinner in Hide Yamamoto in MBS. It was absolutely excellent given the price, Not too expensive.

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              Well....all those prices are out of my league. The reference (above) to Osia sounds interesting and certainly more like my "price point". I've eaten at Batali's restaurants in New York many times and I was always impressed at the value for the food. Mrs. Traveler and I could get away, with dinner and wine, for under US $200.

              Thanks to all for the input.