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ND Sushi and Grill - Laird Dr-Highly recommended

I stepped in with some trepidation- and left very happy.

The cooking is beautifully refined without losing character. "Fusion" without being bizarre. The Chef -owner has complete control over the food and can cook anywhere. A much better experience than at other high -end restaurants here and for less money. $40-50 for food before tax will get you an excellent meal from beginning to end. I was told that the chef worked in Japanese and French restaurants . He can cook anywhere!

My only criticism is that the portions could have been a bit bigger, and the back cod was good but didn't give me $14 worth of pleasure. I got a bit of bulk with the donburri.

I had ginger carrot soup (divine), a tofu dish, mackeral, black cod, chicken donburri (as if for royalty) and chocolate banana spring roll with vanilla icecream, barley tea. $45 before tax.

Next time I will try the $35 prix fixe (miso chowder, some sort of salad, 5 pieces sushi, salmon with sides, fancy panna cotta). I asked and was told that I could substitute the donburri for the salmon.

I don't understand the menu, the other side of the card (I took it home ) says that salmon as a main with sides is $20, and for another $7 you get soup, rice, salad and daily dessert.

I will fiond out next time and will advise.

ND Sushi and Grill
214 Laird Dr #101, Toronto, ON M4G3W4, CA

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  1. The website shows a lot of French flare. can you confirm it's a dressy business casual environment? The patio looks nice, but maybe closed now? Thanks Bigpestle

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      The room is "modern" and without glitz. You wouldn't stand out so long as you don't look like a bicycle courier or wear your tiara. I don't know about the patio.

      1. The menu looks very interesting. Thanks for letting us know about this place. http://ndsushiandgrill.com/

        1. Curious to hear what other people think.

          I hesitate when I see things like:

          freshwater eel, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, soy reduction

          On the menu.

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            Yes. I was turned off by the wacky rolls on the menu too. My radar always goes up when I see an entire page devoted to the oddest combination of ingredients all rolled up into what resembles a footlong hotdog. The daintiness I associate with sushi, sashimi and maki kind of goes right out the window when I see those cream cheese and tempura sauced-up rolls. They may taste great, but in my mind they are not sushi. That said, I have no problem just avoiding them and sticking with the pure stuff. I get annoyed when they form part of a sushi plate though, and I have to ask for a substitution that frequently results in an upgrade charge.

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              I don't mind some rolls.

              But Cream Cheese has no place in a sushi roll, let alone a Japanese restaurant.

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                Agreed on the cream cheese. A lot of these rolls are concocted to hide less than stellar fish.

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                  A description of the food as "fusion" is off-putting because many fusion chefs seem to be self-conscious practitioners. They turn out "fusion" food that is just weird. But new ingredients and combinations should not be rejected simply because they are new, and there is good and bad in everything. So tomatoes are a relatively new introduction to Italian cooking. Italian restaurants in Buffalo make me want to be somewhere else. Nevertheless these are not reasons to avoid Italian restaurants everywhere.

                  "Fusion" was one reason for my trepidation when I went. I am pleased that I did. The chef at ND has complete control of his cooking and has high standards. I would trust him and would try something unusual to me.

                  I generally don't order sushi because I prefer the cooked food in a Japanese restaurant. Maybe ND's will make me change my mind.

          2. How does this compare to Mikado, which has always been my go-to sushi restaurant when I'm in that area?

            1. My husband and I gave ND Sushi a try the other night. While everything we ate was tasty, we found most of the dishes -- including the Dungeness crab salad and Maguro tataki -- to be lacking in flavour; the dressings, while one wouldn't want them to overwhelm, lacked even the slightest amount of zing. The fish on the sushi we ordered seemed to be fresh, but the rice tended to fall apart in our hands between plate, soy sauce, and mouth. The chef is also not great with tempura: the batter on the tempura squid was not crisp (actually it wasn't tempura-like at all); ditto with the tempura shrimp in our dynamite roll.

              The service was excellent. All in all, an okay meal that would warrant a return if we lived in the neighbourhood. Since we don't, it's unlikely we'll be back.

              1. been waiting for a review. posted about them a year ago to see if anyone had tried it.
                we live near there and i don't eat sushi (wife does). if they had good non-sushi options, i'd try it

                1. I had the salmon dinner today. The difference between the $27 one and the $35 prix fixe seems to be, on the $35 one, (a) the soup is a "chowder"- miso with manila clam and tofu crouton (b) the salad is called Maguro Tataki, described as mixed greens with wonton chips (c) 5 pieces of sushi are a part of the meal (d) the vegetables on the entree are somewhat different.

                  I chose the $27 meal because I wanted the plain miso soup and because sushi is not special with me.

                  The salad was just mixed greens, and not wanting wonton. Mesculan is a bore for me, but the soy based dressing lifted it and made it good. The plain miso soup was rich and the best that I ever have had, but I am no authority. The salmon plate was very good. A nice piece of salmon with a crisp skin. I left nothing on the plate and wiped the sauce. The panna cotta dessert was special. A small bowl with seemingly not much was served. The little panna cotta was just one of three blobs in the bowl. The whole thing was understatedly beautiful an da very happy ending. Tea came with the meal, at the beginning.

                  I had a very nice meal for $27. Next time if I want more to eat I would have the $35 special and get the 5 pieces of sushi.

                  My comments. The rice was determinedly neutral . I would prefer a more interesting rice and perhaps also a bit of something like buckwheat on the plate with the rice. The salmon was cooked a bit too much for me, but probably just right for most people.

                  Tatai posted that the flavours had no zing. I agree, but I want to explain. The chef's cooking is the antithesis of Thai cooking, which I compare to a fireworks display. A very nice and interesting fireworks display, but still fireworks. At ND the flavouring is very calm and understated. Very nice but calm. I as a diner I had to submit to the chef's palate and let myself float with it. I did, and I tasted lots of flavour and complexity at very gentle levels. I enjoyed my meal, although I did say that a couple little peaks would have been nice.
                  I thought that the chef presented a masterful display of not quite enough being (almost) just right.
                  I think that this control shows great skill,and a high aesthetic, but the diner has to accept it and like it.

                  However I didn't have Tati's dishes, and she may be right for what she had. I did have a tofu thing the first time and it was quite good, but I have nothing to which I can compare it.

                  1. drove by it tonight on my way home. it was 7:15 PM. it was closed. on a sunday.

                    not sure if that is a bad sign.

                    also add to it that it had a coupon on Groupon and i wonder if its still open.

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                        I understand that the restaurant was sold recently. Can anyone say what it is like now?

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                          Don't know, but the restaurant has been renamed Mong Sushi.