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Nov 22, 2010 06:22 PM

Help! Can I use accidental too wet pie dough for something else?

I was off my game tonight while making pie dough, put in too much ice water and now have very gooey pie dough. I'm going to make new pie dough tomorrow, but is there anything else I can use this sticky dough for since I hate to wast things? It's already in wrapped in fridge so I can't add flour at this point. Thanks!

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  1. When you get ready to use it, turn it out onto a counter that's covered with a liberal dusting of flour and use a bowl or other item that's about 6 - 8 inches across. Cut out circles, fill with either meat or fruit and bake (on parchment paper if you have it). Not the best turn-overs/Empanadas you've ever made but it's better than wasting the ingredients.
    You may even find that, after resting overnight in the fridge, the dough may autolyze enough to make it workable without a lot of difficulty. Just try not to handle it more than necessary; that makes it tough.

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    1. back in teh food processor. let it get down to crumbs again. add more flour. will be fine. I do it all the time. [takes me three tries, but it's always fantastic by the end]

      1. it is very easy to add dry ingredients to a dough that is too wet, harder to go in reverse. Work the flour in by hand and if you did well cutting in the butter, things will be fine.

        1. Once it's malleable, after being out of the fridge, you can work more flour into it. You might try todao's suggestion first, though, because often after it sits in the fridge, the flour will absorb more liquid. But, if it is indeed still very wet after it's been out of the fridge long enough to roll, you can work in more flour by hand on a heavily floured counter. You may have to let it rest in the fridge again after, because it will resist rolling. It probably won't be the best, most delicate and flaky crust you've made, but it'll do. Okay, maybe it won't do for Thanksgiving if you have particular family, but it'll do for something else, and can at least be frozen to use in the future. I wouldn't want to throw it out either.

          1. Are you sure you can't knead in a little cornstarch or rice flour and a little confectioner's sugar, and pat it out, score it and bake it? Make a sort of accidental shortbread?

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              "Oops, here's some accidental shorbread for ya, honey" I love that, haha.

              gratindauphinois, I've been there. As posters have suggested, just add more flour, but with as gentle a hand as possible, no heavy kneading. Either cut in with pastry cutter or use the food processor. Use crust for the family, not guests, maybe better for pot pies rather than dessert pies.

              When things don't come out as planned in my kitchen, I always blame it on mrbushy.

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                I blame it on being stupid enough to begin baking during dinner clean up, homework, etc. I think I will resume when everyone is in school!

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                  I find quiet time is more inducive for successful baking, the peace allows for better concentration. I don't know what your technique is, but I measure/weight out everything in advance, then recheck as items are combined.