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Nov 22, 2010 05:40 PM

Four Coursemen

Did anyone watch this premier tonight? What did you think?

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  1. I only saw the second half. I thought it was fun. I look forward to catching the whole episode. I want to cook with them or at the least eat what they cook. I wonder how you get to attend one of their dinners and how much it cost.


    1. I really wanted to like the show, but I just couldn't get into it. I'm going to watch another episode (there wasn't just one, was there?) to see if it grows on me. Food looked great, but some of the people felt a little condescending so I kept getting up while it was still on.

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      1. re: missusp

        "Some of the people felt a little condescending"

        i agree with this. i will definitely watch it again though before i make a decision. partly because i found the girl strangely attractive (maybe it was the fact that she was surrounded by pork belly and wine?)

        1. re: mattstolz

          I noted the "Tone" from several of them, the cute girl as well. :) I still love the idea of what they're doing. I hope the tude doesn't ruin it. I really would like to find a group of locals who want to do that kind of cooking and exploration.


          1. re: JuniorBalloon

            OK I've finally seen the show. FIRST - The wine girl is seriously HOT. Second - The pork belly... mmmmm wine girl and pork belly! HEAVEN. Third - I disagree about the "tude" I think they are just really excited about what they are doing and what other local food people have to bring to the table. Fourth - I have already scheduled the DVR to record all of the shows.
            -GO DAWGS

            1. re: FoodieGA

              haha i watched the entirety of the first episode the other night and most of it was really pretty good. again, gotta agree about the wine girl. how can you go wrong with a cute girl with good wine and pork belly?? the part where they are collecting and researching ingredients was really interesting, and honestly only one or two of them had a attitude goin on.

              im definitely gunna continue to watch the show. it got my attention!

              1. re: mattstolz

                OMG watched it again thursday night. Soooo PRETTY! Wine girl has a website: Looks like its new. Also found a cool article about 4CM Talks about the dinners.

                1. re: FoodieGA

                  website needs more nancy pics. lol

                  im gunna have to pass that link along to my friend who lives in athens. would LOVE to attend one of their dinners!!

        2. re: missusp

          I didn't get the attitude others mentioned at alll...I got full on food geeks.

        3. Looks like it's going to reshow a number of times over the next two weeks or so ...

          I can't tell from the page whether there are more episodes though they say they are "taking it on the road"

          Looks interesting - thanks for the heads up!

          1. I am not familiar with the show, but it strikes me that the good follow up to the name Four Coursemen should be "and a pair a lips" and "When eating collides with your come to Jesus moment" or "The be all, end all of food"... so many things... sigh.