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Nov 22, 2010 05:29 PM

4 meals in London, but 5 restaurants [London]

I will be visiting London in February for a gastronomic blow-out. Lunch/dinner on two days need filling, but I can only reduce my list to 5 restaurants! While I am sure that none of them are worthy of 'best avoided', which 4 would be the best? I prefer classical to pyrotechnics and whatnot.

The Ledbury
The Square
Le Gavroche
Pied a Terre

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  1. Others will be able to advise on which to go to - and as they are all so good, it might be worth using atmosphere and style as your criteria.

    However, in your position, I would only go to two places. You may be someone with a huge appetite, but my feeling is that having four meals at places like this in two days is just too much, and by trying to go to as many as possible in the time you have, you may just reduce your enjoyment of the places you select. I would advise going to only two, otherwise you run the risk of not appreciating your second meal of each day.

    1. I would most definitely include The Square and The Ledbury. They are my two favorite restaurants in London.

      1. I can see what Theresa is saying - lunch and dinner at 2* restaurants on two (successive?) days will be very difficult.

        From your list, which is excellent, you've got the classical French of The Square and Le Gavroche and the more modern French/European of the other three (apologies to Shane Osborn).
        If classical is your thing I'd keep The Square and Le Gavroche and I would keep the Ledbury too as it is a rising star and does things a bit differently to the other four. Hibiscus on a Friday and Saturday is a menu entirely at Claude Bosi's whims which might faze some people and you do hear some complaints about the atmosphere there which you don't about Pied a Terre.

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          Thanks; the lunch reservations will most likely be 2-3 courses or a set lunch menu, while the evenings will be full tasting. Perhaps Le Gavroche and The Ledbury for evenings; Pied a Terre looks to have a good set lunch option?

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            I would save a dinner for The Square and have the tasting menu, same for The Ledbury.

        2. Sorry to complicate your life, but if you like classical, I'd put Koffman's very high on the list.

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            I had a look at Koffman's menu a few weeks back and it just didn't excite me at all I'm afraid! I know a few people who've been and say it is right up my street; all seems a bit 'bistro' (not that there's anything wrong with that, but I go to London to get away from that for a few days)