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Nov 22, 2010 04:23 PM

Anyone been to Alice's Restaurant, Lake Hopatcong lately??

I came across some reviews of Alice's Restaurant in Lake Hopatcong and noted that they started out quite good and seemed to get worse as time passed by. The last review I saw was back in August so I was wondering if anyone has any newer info to pass on. I was thinking of giving it a try this weekend but may hold off a while if they are still having consistency problems.

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  1. I was holding out for exactly the same reasons. It seemed to vary wildly depending on who was cooking that day. Maybe I'll get brave enough to venture there soon.

    1. I've heard you can have anything you want (excepting Alice)...

      Oops, sorry. Couldn't resist. Day before Thanksgiving and all... :-)

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        Good one . . . for those of us of a certain age.

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          I guess I didn't even think of the ol' song reference... nicely done :)

      2. David Drake is still the main man at Alice's, but call to confirm he's there the night you want to go.

        1. Chef Drake was there on my last visit and I was not impressed with the food. The view is nice, though.

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            I also was there a few months ago and was underwhelmed by the food. It was particularly disappointing after all the buzz & build up about the place.

          2. Bummer to see all these negative comments about Alice's! Perhaps they have just recently gotten their act together, but I was there a few days ago and haven't a single complaint about the food or service. Our waitress was friendly without being intrusive and the food was excellent (I had grilled salt and pepper shrimp over butternut squash risotto). The only odd thing was the music-everything from Lil' Wayne to Judy Garland played during our meal. Having lived in the boonies of North Jersey for most of my life, though, it is refreshing to see a place of this caliber open here. I will certainly be back, and I encourage anyone who is unsure to just give it a try!

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              You got through a whole meal without having to complain about anything? LOL!