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Duc de Lorraine

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At last week's Salon des vins d'importation privée, I ran into a former employee of CDN's famous pastry shop and salon de thé. She said that: the longtime owners sold the business last summer; the new owners didn't have the same level of expertise or commitment to quality; many of the front-of-house and back-of-house staff had left; and the overall offer, especially the croissants and pastries, was far inferior to what it was in the past.

Not being a frequent eater of croissants and pastries, it'll be a while before I check the veracity of the claim. In the meantime, I'm wondering whether anyone has anything to report.

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  1. Was there recently and didn't notice a tangible difference. Also recognized familiar faces in front-of-house so not sure how accurate that is either.

    1. It used to be my go to for Croissants, Pain au chocolat and the occasional Baguette. It has all changed and butter is on short supply ! If you were to compare Kouign- Aman's fare to the Duc you will see they fail to make the grade. Too bad 40 years of excellence gone.

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        Yes Duc de Lorraine changed owners . They lost most of the old employees and it's just not what it used to be unfortunately :(

      2. I noticed that the religieuses and eclairs had a chemically, freezerish taste on the last 3 occasions. There cannot be any compromise on the quality/freshness of pastry - it's too calorific and too expensive. Also, their St-Honore is drizzeled in chocolate! that seems almost sacriligious.

        I've sinced stopped going to the Duc which is sad since i've been going there since it opened in the 60s. Also, their St-Honore was drizzeled in chocolate! that seems almost sacriligious.

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          we used to go all the time as lived in the area, I stopped in a week ago on a Sunday morning and was surprised how empty it was, the cafe area always used to be crowded with brunchers; but it will still do some business as no other competition in that area, we also used to go to another pastry shop on Queen Mary but it shut down.

        2. I wasn't a frequent visitor to Duc de Lorraine. To me the decline started before the original owners sold the pastry shop.

          1. I'm heartbroken to hear this news.

            1. I've been going to the Duc since it opened in the 60's.... but haven't been back now in several months since the religieuses on three occasions tasted freezerish....
              Also the chaussons were short on apple filling (they used to be the best in town), and the St-honoare was drizzled in chocolate (quelle horreur), though i understand that is no longer the case.

              I asked several times about how fresh the eclairs and religieuses were to try to avoid the fridge/freezer taste, and was assured they were fresh but the taste didn't bear that out.

              I would love to see the owners comment - why did the eclairs and religieuses have a freezer taste? Are they frozen at some point? Do you/did you have a defective refrigerator or freezer?