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Nov 22, 2010 02:03 PM

Tuscan Kale YYC

Has anyone seem Tuscan Kale in Calgary? Pictures below.

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  1. They have organic lacinato kale at the Blush Lane market right by our house in Aspen, same thing.

    Now I wish I hadn't told you as we usually buy out their stock every week - now all I've done is increased competition :P

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    1. re: dknight

      Mwahahahaahhaha, I will buy it all!!!!!!

      Actually you're pretty safe as Blush Lane is over a half hour's drive and I'm not in the area too often. But blame me anyway the next time you go looking for some and there is none!

      Think I'll try Planet Organic as suggested below by Jetgirly.

      Thanks to both.

    2. I bought some last year at Planet Organic but haven't been looking lately.

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      1. re: Jetgirly

        I've seen it at the organic grocery store (it's name escapes me) at Currie Barrack's farmer's market and at Sunnyside organic market by the Safeway in Kensington. Neither places are a good deal but have never seen it at the usual grocery stores.

      2. I've seen it at Community on 10th Ave. I think another name is Cavolo Nero.

        1. I see it at Amaranth all the time.

          1. Definitely at Planet Organic and Sunnyside Market (Kensington).

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            1. re: cellophane_star

              Just had some this weekend from sunnyside market as "Black Chard"
              It was in pretty good shape.