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Nov 22, 2010 02:02 PM

Transporting Turkey Breast...HELP!

I am going to t-giving dinner at my parents' home. They are vegetarians, so I am cooking turkey breast for the few of us who want turkey. They live about an hour away and we will be arriving probably 3 hours before we are actually going to be eating turkey. They have 0 oven space to reheat, so reheating in the microwave is the only option. What to do??

1. Cook breast night before, slice, and refridgerate. Reheat sliced, cold breast at their house in the microwave. If I slice night before, should I add any juices to the slices as they sit overnight?

2. Cook breast day of. Transport as warm as possible. Let it sit out. Slice at their house and reheat slices in the microwave.

I did #2 last year, but always worry that I am going to kill everyone with food poisoning cuz the turkey has been left out. I just want to keep it as moist as possible, but I also have 2 little kiddos and the less fuss the better. Thanks!!!

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  1. Cook it as close to departure as you can. Wrap in aluminum foil and place in a cooler.
    If possible, include warmed bricks, those chemical reaction hand-warmers, or a Therma-Care muscle heating wrap in the cooler. It will be fine sitting out for an hour or so - then refrigerate or put it back in the cooler, which you will have emptied, with a bag of ice.

    1. Can you transport it wrapped in foil, put in in a crockpot, then reheat there?