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Nov 22, 2010 01:35 PM

unique local eats in Dayton, OH?

Greetings Chowhounds in the Ohio area!

I'm headed to Dayton, OH for business for 3 days and would love any and all suggestions for interesting, local, eats. I don't need fancy steakhouses, I can get that in LA. I want to eat local grub that I can't find on the west coast.

For example, (don't know if they do have this), but I wouldn't find real cheesecurds here in LA.
Know what I mean?

I am adventurous and look forward to B, L and D recommendations!


PS. I looked through Chowhound archives for this topic and the last I found was something from 2004.....but hey, I tried.

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  1. I'll jump in before the locals-we travel in the area, and found two interesting spots-one about 30 minutes from Dayton in Yellow Springs (which is a nice little town) - you'll find a number of items on the menu that may be a bit different-(and, yes, they have cheese curds) -I'd go for the chicken and dumplings myself.

    and just south of town is a very nice American/French Bistro-not sure it's all that different, but they tend towards local ingredients and it's a great space, despite being in a mall.

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      Where exactly will you be staying in Dayton?

      A strip mall, technically, for Centerville's Rue Dumaine. And pretty much all restaurants with a bank in the strip. And hearily seconded.

      Young's is best known for their ice cream, which is terrific. Don't forget to climb the tractors and feed the goats. Another Yellow Springs dining option is The Winds, which offers seasonal menus.

      Dayton has a handful of places that would stand up anywhere, a lot of chains, and some good bar food.

      Rue Dumaine
      Centerville, OH, Centerville, OH

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        Thanks for the suggestions!! haven't booked a hotel yet (i'm trying to make sure i'm centrally located by all the good to the places you and the other chowhound suggested.)

        Thanks again!

      2. re: David W

        Dayton isn't really known for a specific food or cuisine, not like Philly cheesesteaks, or Chicago deep-dish pizza. Although you may be able to find cheese curds here, they probably won't be anymore authentic than you might get in LA. And there really isn't one area that has the best chow, either, but if you have a car, there's plenty of decent grub to be found.

        When my brother comes home to visit, he always wants Marion's pizza. Marion's is a local chain that serves very thin, crispy crust pizza cut in squares. They only take cash, they don't deliver, and their pizza is best eaten in the restaurant (there are at least 5 locations around the metro area, probably more). If you go, ask that the pizza be cooked in the "old" oven, otherwise it's cooked in the conveyer oven and is not as crispy.

        Give us more info on where you'll be staying, and we can give you more recommendations. Dayton has pretty decent pub grub; there's decent Vietnamese and Korean; and there are a few gems likes the Winds in Yellow Springs, or Meadowlark or Rue Domaine in Centerville (south suburbs).