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Nov 22, 2010 01:09 PM

Making turkey gravy -- necks but no giblets?

So I am making gravy for our potluck this year (buying a turkey elsewhere, fully cooked) and am thinking how will I do a true turkey gravy without the neck and giblets.... When lo and behold I am at Safeway and see that they have turkey necks for sale.

So I have turkey necks but no giblets.... Will my gravy suffer without them?

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  1. Try cooking up a bunch of necks (without salt) and combining the stock with something like McCormick® Turkey Gravy Mix. Nobody will ever know the difference. It is, after all, a potluck.

    1. Double-check your grocer for chicken gizzards. You should get plenty of turkey flavor with the necks, then the added oomph from the gizzards.

      1. Hack up the necks in to smaller pieces. Mix with Mirepoix and a couple of tablespoons of oil in a roasting pan.
        Roast in a hot oven till very brown with some of the onion charred on the edges.
        Deglaze with Château de tap or wine. Then transfer to a pot and add either chicken stock(preferable) or water and simmer a couple of hours.
        Now you have a nice dark turkey stock for your gravy.

        1. I'd go to the butcher and ask if you can have a packet of the innards of the bird.
          I'd think they'd have them for sale really inexpensively too.
          If not I agree with the chicken parts, cook in good stock for a long time rendering the pieces of the bird in the stock, they lend a lot of flavor, whether or not you prefer to chop them up and use them in your gravy is up to you, you can always puree a small amount of [say the liver and giblets or whatever] and imcorporate that into the stock then thicken.

          1. We smoke our turkey, so no drippings. Today I roasted some turkey wings, and they are now in the oven turning into stock. I have done this for about 6 years, and the gravy is really good. You might consider doing this, picking up some gizzards at the market, and making some of the best gravy you have ever had.