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Nov 22, 2010 12:54 PM

Sweet potatoes on thanksgiving! Help - what to do since I don't want to puree.

This has become a big dilemna for our thansgiving menu. I don't want any sort of pureed sweet potato since texturally it will be so similar to mashed potatoes. I also don't want to gratin them since I don't know how I feel about the whole cheese thing given that it will be eaten w cranberry sauce, turkey, etc. Any suggestions? I want to make something delicious, gourmet and that also looks nice as well. The only thing I can think of is sweet potato fries (i'm sure there are many things to do, i'm just blanking) but am a bit apprehensive reading the sweet potato fries thread and how complicated they are! Don't think I want to be experimenting for the first time on thursday. Anyway, any help would be appreciated!:)

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    1. Honey roasted sweet potato wedges with a sprinkling of pecans? Perhaps just roasting cut up sweet potatoes drizzled with olive oil and a bit of rosemary; S&P to taste? I'm just brainstorming ...

      1. this is my mom's recipe but i've made it easily 5 times. it's great. i mean....we get raves. you can make it sweeter or less sweet. and it's just as good the next day too.

        Sweet potato and apple casserole

        6 lg. sweet potatoes, cooked and cooled
        6 apples, skinned
        ¼ lb. butter
        2 tsp. cinnamon
        1 cup brown sugar
        ½ cup light corn syrup
        Cool mix all liquids together and heat to syrup
        Peel potatoes and apples
        Slice thin and arrange alternate slices on end Pour syrup over. Bake 375 digress about 30 min.
        Keep basting with syrup and cook until done, time varies.
        I use different amounts but always want to be sure there is lots of syrup

        (i've always cooked this longer than 30 min. easily 45)

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          A friend from work "found" your recipe for me--Thank you! I was looking for a sweet potato recipe that used brown sugar, corn syrup and butter to try and duplicate a family recipe when bringing the dish to a friend's Thanksgiving dinner. Even people that claimed they didn't like "sweet potatoes" raved about this recipe!

          I made half of the recipe without the apples and cinnamon and the other half as suggested (I did add one more teaspoon of cinnamon--used Granny Smith apples). People unanimously liked your suggested recipe better than their own family recipe without the apples and cinnamon.

          I baked it for about two hours, beginning with the 375 degrees for the first hour and lowering it to 350, then 325 the last hour. I doubled up on the syrup and basted a lot. Mine wasn't as "pretty" as yours would have been by the alternating slices, but the potatoes were too fragile after cooking and cooling to retain their shape when sliced, so I just scattered apple pieces throughout.

          Have you ever tried baking this "in a bag" so you don't have to continually baste it? What size baking dish do you bake yours in?

          Thanks so much for this recipe.

        2. You can cut them in cubes roast them, then glaze with maple syrup, or a mix of syrup and reduced apple cider. You could cook some cranberries in the cider/glace and sprinkle them throughout, or sprinkle with candied pecans, or both. You can also parboil, cut into rounds and layer them in a casserole dish, and glaze in the same way.

          1. I'm making these Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Epicurious:

            I was having the same quandary as you - I didn't want a sweet prep, didn't want to mash, wasn't sure about the cheese and cream in a gratin since everything else I'm making is so rich, etc. This looks simple but delicious and I'm sure it will highlight the deliciousness of the sweet potatoes themselves.

            I also made this recipe with red onions and parmesan one year:

            It was very well received - in fact, a vegetarian guest basically made a meal of it.