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Nov 22, 2010 12:30 PM

New Haven restaurant for Yale undergrads

I would like to buy my niece a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in New Haven that she can use to take a friend or a group of friends to for a special occasion. Since her birthday is close to the holidays, and I owe her for last year as well, the gift certificate would be more than enough for a very nice dinner for two, or it might cover dinner for a group. She doesn't have a car (although some of her friends may have cars,) so I thought I'd keep it close to campus. She is a relatively adventurous eater, having grown up in a big city. From reading on this board, I was wondering if Ibiza would be a good choice.

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  1. Press 200 is a nice place. Very trendy. Good for young people.

    1. Press 200 is good, but expensive for American "tapas". My college age kids were stil hungry after a very expensive dinner there and went to Kelly's next door for a burger for dessert.

      L'Orcio is wonderful for Italian & then there is Pepe's for pizza for a group! Ibiza is an excellent choice as well.

      806 State St, New Haven, CT 06511

      1. Ibiza would be a great choice! It's a little on the expensive side though. Another good choice would be Barcelona.

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          The food at Ibiza is probably the best, but Barcelona might be more fun because they can get a bunch of tapas and share. And the food is good, just not as good as Ibiza.

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            Foster's is soon to be no longer Foster's. Chef Dave had a parting of the ways with the other owner (who also owns Miso down the street).
            One other suggestion might be Nini's Bistro. I don't know how old the undergrads are and whether liquor is a part of the dinner, but the nice thing about Nini's is their ever-changing reasonably priced prix fixe menu is accompanied by a BYOB policy, so a very nice dinner and a bottle of wine is within reason.