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Nov 22, 2010 11:49 AM

Traditional Hanukkah Dinner Menu??? Preferrably in the Valley, around $50 per person

Just found out my entire family will be coming in to town for Hanukkah and I have no time to prep, cook, and entertain them all at my house. I am desperately looking for a place, preferrably a private room (for my loud family) that can seat about 20 ppl for around $50 per person for a three-course meal. Atmosphere is important but the food quality is more important. We would like a traditional Hanukkah meal.
Any suggestions? I have heard of Pinot Bistro doing a Hanukkah menu in the past that sounded good- anyone know of other places or if they are still doing that?

Pinot Bistro
12969 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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  1. Not in the Valley, but Angeli on Melrose is doing Hanukkah Dinner December 2nd:
    Come by for a special Family Dinner featuring some holiday favorites.
    Complete menu to come soon, but expect Evan’s Pot Roast, Latkes and more…..You know there’s always more.
    7pm Seating
    $30 per person
    For reservations call 323-936-9086.
    If you use OpenTable please reserve at 7pm and make a note that it’s for the Family Dinner

    Angeli Restaurant
    7274 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

    1. I have to ask: What on earth is a traditional Hanukkah dinner menu? Maybe it's just me, but other than potato latkes, I can't think of a single other food tradition unique to Hanukkah - and I'm someone who grew up and continues to live in the midst of a traditional Jewish family environment. As long as latkes are on the menu, it seems to me that any restaurant serving Jewish-style food will do just fine.

      Which isn't to say there won't be restaurants that try to lure people in by specifically promoting Hanukkah meals (e.g., Angeli). I just hope you're not kidding yourself that just because a pot roast is being advertised as such, you are being served a meal unique to Hanukkah when no such thing genuinely exists. If you want something with a distinct Jewish spirit, you may be better off at a deli, especially with your "loud family." Since you're aiming for the Valley, you might want to look into whether Brent's can accommodate you.

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      1. re: Arthur

        Doughnuts (also fried in oil) but apart from that, I'm with you Arthur. I have no idea what a traditional Hanukkah dinner would be.

        1. re: Lizard

          You're absolutely right, I forgot about the donuts (sufganiyot). FWIW, in my family they were always just a Hanukkah snack, never part of our meals.

            1. re: magic man

              I've never seen brisket described as a food linked to Hanukkah. If it's a traditional Hanukkah menu item, then so are gefilte fish and chicken soup. Like those two dishes, brisket is commonly associated with Jewish cuisine, suitable for just about any Jewish meat meal, but not specifically or traditionally for Hanukkah. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with serving it on Hanukkah. I'm just saying there's no Hanukkah tradition attached to it.

              Just to be clear, I'm not denying that it is traditional for people to have big family meals on Hanukkah. Of course they do, and so do I. I'm just saying that, other than the requisite latkes, there are no traditional menu expectations on this holiday. As long as you steer clear of taboo items (e.g., pork or shellfish products), pretty much anything will do.

              1. re: Arthur

                Hi All! Thank you for your response. According to my mother, "traditional" Hanukkah includes: Matzoh Ball Soup, maybe some sort of smoked salmon blini, Brisket (of course), latkes, apple sauce, and then something fried for it doughnuts, beignets, something bad for you but good for the spirit.
                Apparently oil is a heavy component of any traditional Hanukkah dinner...
                Basically, I am looking for a set menu so we don't have to deal with guessing what the bill will be for such a large group.

                1. re: chloe44

                  Well, if that's what you want ...

                  Clementine, a favorite on this board, has pretty much everything on your list for take-out, but you must pre-order now. I know you said you have no time to prep for a home party, but maybe you'll reconsider when you see how closely Clementine's choices match your mother's list:

      2. Back to the topic. There is Greenblats in Hollywood, Art's Deli (although you order what you want from the menu) on Ventura in Studio City and Brent's deli out in the Valley. They all have Hanukkah dinner