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Nov 22, 2010 11:05 AM

Fab's Hot Dogs Reseda

Popped in here for a quick lunch yesterday. Walked in at noon and place was deserted, but it started filling up after we got our order. We got the spicy polish dog and the Lincoln dog. Also got the chili cheese fries tator tots.

I liked the snap of the polish dog, nice char and grill. Loved the juiciness and flavor. Wife liked her Lincoln dog although I felt the bacon could have used a bit more crisping, it was on the flabby side for my taste. We both wished the buns were just a bit firmer. They were disintegrating on us halfway through eating especially with the wet ingredients on the bun.

I wasn't expecting a lot out of the tater tots. It was going to be just a pure nostalgia indulgence for me since I hadn't had them in ages. But liked the fluffiness of them being done right. Plenty of melted cheese on top and the chili was pretty tasty. It was meaty and thick with a pretty strong cumin kick.

Liked this place a lot and thought got a pretty good bang for the buck.

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    1. re: ns1

      Still the most overrated hot dog place in LA. Never understood what, everybody saw in this place. Very average hot dogs and the deep fried hot dog are terrible.

      1. re: reality check

        Guess it depends on your definition of overrated. Was it a life changing dog? No. Was it something I would drive 40 miles to get? No. Did I pay an arm and a leg for it? No.

        But I thought it was better than average. No wait, quick turnaround on the food and I paid less than $4 for the polish sausage and if you wanted it, a lot of the toppings are included in the price. People were friendly, the place was clean, good value for your money. It's a good solid place and I would be perfectly happy if more places hit those criteria. Maybe I just didn't go in there with super high expectation levels of a life altering hot dog in a fine dining atmosphere.

        1. re: Jase

          I would rate Fabs barely above Costco.

          Fabs has gotten so much hype because they were in the Food Network. Well, you know what, many restaurants that are profiled on the FN, are average at best, especially most restaurants on the show, with the most obnoxious host on TV and his bleached blonde hair do.

          1. re: reality check

            Fab's actually blew up before the Food Network special.

            1. re: ns1

              agreeance. the lines were out the door long before the FN.

              i remember when i found out they were going to be on, i went to Fab's a few extra times to satisfy the craving because i knew it would be madness for a few weeks after the show aired. but it was still very crowded before the show and i would drive by many times and see so many people there that i wouldn't stop.

              1. re: ns1

                I went in Dec of 08. There was no line, no wait, nothing. I don't know exactly when Fabs was in the FN but the only time I went to Fabs there wasn't any line. Plus that old place was so small 5 people and you're out the door.

                1. re: reality check

                  To Reality Check: your basing your entire and everlasting perception of service from your one-time trip to Fabs two years ago (Dec 08, you state above)? The owner slid your change to you and walked away for a moment (the place then was so small, he couldn't have walked that far away). If that was terrible service to you, you sir have indeed been blessed with a charmed life as regards dining experiences. Kidding aside, your experience is yours to determine. But if posters are telling you that now, two years later in 2010, the service is fantastic and positive, you have no room to consider that maybe things are better now? Nothing ever changes for the better?

                  1. re: silence9

                    Two letter answer, HELL NO. Wait, I guess that is a five letter answer. I experience bad service at Fabs and ate a terrible hot dog-ripper, and an average hot dog. Why would I go back for that?

                    1. re: reality check

                      If I have a bad experience at a place that gets consistently good reviews on Chowhound, I usually make an effort to try it again in case it was an aberration. More often than not, the second visit is a vast improvement.

                      1. re: Peripatetic

                        Great, you do things your way and I'll do things my. Deal?

                        Why should anybody go back to a place that has average to bad food? Bad service can be chalked up to a bad day but combined with bad food, there is no reason to go back.

                        1. re: reality check


                          FWIW, I wasn't trying to suggest you "do things my way", just trying to answer the question "why would I go back for that"?

                2. re: ns1

                  They were on DDD on August 10, 2009. Fab was a CH darling long before then. This is the July 2008 thread that really brought Fab to the attention of Chowhound:


                  1. re: Peripatetic

                    oh look, there I am multiple times =D

                3. re: reality check

                  Again, it depends on your definition of overrated. I didn't go in there expecting the best hot dog of my life. I went in there expecting a solid product at a fair price. We both liked the dogs we got, thought the buns could be better. It was cooked properly, we paid less than $4 for each dog. It was quick, people were friendly and place was clean.

                  I see no reason to get worked up and slam a place for hitting those criteria.

                  1. re: Jase

                    Again you miss the point. It's not even a solid product at a fair price. It's a bad product at a high price. Why anybody would pay $4 for a bad hot dog, is beyond me.

                    1. re: reality check

                      You never said it was a bad product before, that's how I missed it. You said it was an average hot dog in your original response. If you had said that from the beginning, then I would have understood more where you're coming from. And if you think it's bad, then of course it's not worth $4 or any price to you.

                      I think it's good, not great and $4 is a perfectly acceptable price for what I got. I stand by what I said, not a place to go out of the way for, but if you're in the neighborhood, a perfectly fine place to drop in and get a dog.

                      1. re: reality check

                        cuz not all of us think it's a bad hot dog.

                4. re: reality check

                  I do not understand it either. The hotdog itself is very good, great taste and great snap. Everything else is just nasty. The chili is one of the worst I have had in a while. The deep fried hotdog is deep fried crap.

                  I feel that if the place wasn't such a journey to get to, it would not be as bad. I definitely have no urge to drive out there just for the dogs. Brent's on the other hand is well worth the drive!!!

                  1. re: A5 KOBE

                    I am laughing after reading these posts because I have come to the conclusion that you are all correct. FAB isn't THAT great. I have also concluded that I go to FAB to fill the void of losing the Weiner Factory. FAB came along shortly after WF closed up so I grabbed for the next best thing around.

              2. Hi.. I am a fan of Fab's for a number of small reasons that add up to a very positive experience. For example, the fellow(s) taking orders/running the cash register always, prior to taking my money, repeat back to me my _exact_ (and often, very particular) order, to make sure that they have it down correctly. When I order extra red onion sauce on the New York dog, they don't nickel/dime me for the 'extra'. and when I place an order for ala carte items that would actually be less expensive as one of their 'meal deals', the cash register guy points out the cost savings of his own free will and accord... These little things, plus my enjoyment of their product, make Fab's a go-to dog for me...

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                1. re: silence9

                  + garlic tots
                  + mustard relish
                  + an awesome la street dog
                  + awesome steam dogs
                  + did i mention mustard relish?
                  + and garlic tots?
                  + good burgers too

                  1. re: silence9

                    I totally agree with your post about the service. As for the food, I still think it's the best dog around., though I am partial to the spicy polish sausage prepared Mexicali style with spicy sauce, guacamole and sour cream.

                    The tator tots are fantastic. I never particularly liked tots, but these are great. We usually get two orders because if we got only one, they would never reach the house.

                    1. re: Jwsel

                      It's the Pink's of the valley.
                      Owner is a nice guy and always had great service.
                      I'm glad they moved to a bigger location, is is a reason there iss still a line out the door.
                      They have great dogs,

                      1. re: magic man

                        Great service? Please. When the owner walks away, while you are ordering; that is not great service. There was no emergency, he just walked away. A simple, I'll be right with you, would have been easy to say.

                        When the owner slides the change, while I have my hand out for the change; that is not great service.

                        The bad hot dog, I was talking about is the ripper. Sure it's a different style of hot dog, but I don't like it. The other hot dogs are barely average.

                        1. re: reality check

                          I have been there > 20 times and I have never ever received anything less than stellar service

                          Not excusing that behavior if it happened, just saying.

                          1. re: ns1

                            Well, believe it, because that bad service happened.

                            But the service had nothing to do with my opinion of the hot dogs.

                          2. re: reality check

                            I haven't been to Fab since they moved to the new location, but I always loved the "Bald Eagle" (rippered dog with mustard relish) and tater tots. The other dogs I've tried have all been good to excellent. Not sure if you were there on a bad day or just don't like the ripper. Have you tried any of their other dogs? If so, what did you think?