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Nov 22, 2010 11:00 AM

Creative Vegan / Vegetarian in Tampa?

Other than Grass Roots? I have a friend visiting that "doesn't eat anything that had a face" that I want to accommodate (and suppress the desire to eat a burger in front of). I know there are ethnic places that are veggie-friendly (Indian mostly), but are there any contemporary, creative spots like Pure Food & Wine (NYC) or Cafe 118 (Winter Park)?

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  1. how about jellyfish?

    i don't know of anything, tho the refinery usually has several veggie options.

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      That may be true, but The Refinery's menu is generally not very veggie... not that there's anything wrong with that :-)

      1. re: Miss E

        Actually, we try to keep a solid 25% of our menu as veggie and/or vegan.

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        --laughin' my tentacles off!

        1. re: Mild Bill

          Oh geez I just got that haha, forgot about the "no face" remark. Andy- good point, going to have to take them out for some asian food now :)

      3. Consciousness Blossoms 3390 Tampa Rd. Palm Harbor and Mecafresh cross the st. in the Shopping center. They both close early so check their times.

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        1. I know you said Tampa but Leafy Greens Cafe has gotten some good reviews over here in St. Pete. Might be worth the drive.


          Leafy Greens Cafe
          1431 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33705

          1. Consciouness Blossoms in Palm Harbor is amazing! Also, Ella's American Folk Art Cafe in Seminole Heights in Tampa has wonderful atmosphere, food and service and caters to vegetarian & meat eaters. Bern's offers great options for a vegetarian: Hello truffle mac & cheese and goat cheese ravioli!

            Ella's America Folk Art Cafe
            5119 North Nebraska Avenue
            Tampa, FL 33603-2365
            (813) 234-1000