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Nov 22, 2010 10:41 AM

Clarifications to Lasasgna Bolognese Recipe (CI and Hazan recipes)

I've made Marcella Hazan's bolognese recipe for years, but am going to attempt the lasagna bolognese for a group this weekend. Marcella states that only fresh pasta can be used, but fresh noodle lasagna is going to be a first for me. Here are my questions -

Do I really need to do all of the washing and drying of the noodles as she explains?

Also, I want to make the lasagna the day ahead, will that work? If so, do I need to bring to room temp before baking or just increase the baking time/temp? The baking time seems so short to me.

I also have the Cooks Illustrated Lasagna Bolognese recipe - which is pretty similar to hers. But it allows for the dried no cook noodles. This would be a million times easier for me, but if it's not going to work, I will figure a way to make the homeade noodle.

Any one out there made both? Opinions?


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  1. The dried no cook should work, the one thing to watch for is the no cook need a bit more moisture. Marcella may feel that her recipe, after having cooked so long lacks the moisture to fully cook the noodles.

    If you make the fresh pasta I would follow her instructions. I made it once without cooking the noodles before assembling and the day after cooking it it was mush, all the noodles had disintergrated. I usually pull them out of hte ice bath and wipe off as much water as I can with my hands and then lay them on a cloth sheet to dry a bit more.

    Do you have a pasta machine? What kind. You may want to practice a bit before tackling this for a dinner party.

    I can't answer the day after issue. but if you did fresh pasta, assembled it and put that in the fridge before cooking, I'd be afraid of next-day-mush syndrome.