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Nov 22, 2010 10:32 AM

Any SF or Peninsula Restaurants with Crab Specials?

Now that the crab season is finally on, are there any restaurants with delicious preparations and good deals--say, under the usual $32-$42 per crab? I'm thinking especially fried or roasted crabs (and I'm salivating as I type). . .

Some of my favorite places for crab are:

R&G Lounge for Salt & Pepper crab
Tai Pan (Palo Alto) for Shanghai style crab
Little Shanghai for both their crab preps: fried with garlic and sautéed with rice cake
Vung Tau (San Jose) for Salt & Pepper and Tamarind--on the rare occasions that they do have crab
Tadich Grill for cioppino and fried crab legs

Tadich Grill
240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Vung Tau Restaurant
535 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95112

Little Shanghai
17 E 25th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

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  1. What is Shanghai style crab? A quick google seems to focus on the type of crab (hairy crab), not necessarily the preparation style.

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    1. re: artemis

      Yes, I was (and still am) a bit confused as to why it is called "Shanghai style" as I had always thought of the seasonal Chinese hairy crab as "Shanghai crab", but whatever this dish is called, it is utterly scrumptious. And there is no better compromise for people who don't like to shell their own crab and those who feel crab tastes best when you pick out those sweet little morsels yourself: the crab legs are deep fried, salt-and-pepper style, while the flesh from the body is sautéed with tender curds of eggwhite. (Skip the raw yolk completely, it just spoils the delicacy of the dish.)

    2. Great China in Berkeley has scallion & ginger crab on special for $15.

      --oops not in SF or Peninsula...

      Great China Restaurant
      2115 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

      1. That crab dish you're referring to at Tai Pan is much better at Koi Palace and is one of their signature dishes. It's good enough that it would even survive the competition in Asia.

        Koi Palace Restaurant
        365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

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        1. re: hong_kong_foodie

          I'd very much like to try it--what is it called at Koi?

          1. re: pilinut

            It's #849 on the menu: Shanghai Style Fried Crab 2 Tastes

        2. Yum's Bistro offers the following preps of crab

          On the menu:

          1. Hong Kong spicy crab ("Under Bridge style", lots of chilis and garlic, v. delicious)
          2. salt pepper crab
          3. ginger scallion crab
          4. Jakarta style Hot Chili sauce crab (very good, very messy, they give you some steamed buns on the side to soak up the sauce)
          5. salted egg yolk batter crab (one of the best in house preps)
          6. Typhoon shelter crab (deep fried garlic xo sauce)
          7. steamed crab with chinese wine sauce and garlic
          8. hunan crab in clay pot
          9. butter and black pepper crab
          10. cheese butter sauce crab

          and these can be requested off menu

          11. soy sauce king marinade garlic crab (fantastic)
          12. chiu chow style cold crab

          I'm sure if given enough advanced notice, they can prepare the "shanghai style" crab (crab meat with egg white stir fry), likely almost as good if not as good as Koi Palace but much cheaper.

          Yum's Bistro
          4906 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94555

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          1. re: K K

            Wow! That sounds like my kind of place. I just read followed some of the links, and between the crab and the roast squab, I can hardly wait to get there. (It will be my post-thanksgiving reward to myself.) Thank you very much, indeed!

            1. re: K K

              Hmm I'll have to give this place a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

              1. re: hong_kong_foodie

                I haven't been back in nearly a year, but I do hear they've kept up their standards

                Here was my previous vist



                1. re: K K

                  they are still good. just enjoyed a lobster here recently too.

              2. re: K K

                My brother and I had crab for lunch today at Yum's Bistro. We had the ginger scallion crab ($22) and the salted egg yolk crab ("Pan Fried Golden Crab w/ Tasty Yolk"- $24). Both were very good. The salted egg batter was not quite as good as my memory of similar dishes at Koi Palace and Tai Wu (Daly City) but my memory tends to inflate dishes I liked and in any case we were very happy with both crab dishes.

                Koi Palace Restaurant
                365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

                Yum's Bistro
                4906 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94555

                1. re: K K

                  K K definitely knows what he's talking about and what to order at Yum's.

                  Been back only once (2010) since our dinner there in 2009. Another dinner there is in order.