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Barbados Dining?

CocoDan Nov 22, 2010 10:21 AM

What's the best way to spend a week in Barbados? All Inclusive or dine around? If dine around, what are the highlights?

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  1. dennisl RE: CocoDan Jan 5, 2011 03:22 PM

    I would be curious, too. Looking for February sadly husband and I will be travelling with a non-Chowish couple, but we still need to eat!

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      phelana RE: dennisl Jan 6, 2011 02:24 AM

      Go to St. Lawrence Gap Friday night for Oistens Fish Fry. Flying fish is great..it's a fun local event...NOT to miss. If you ever see Roti on a menu, try it...it's a burrito Indian kind of treat filled with chicken or fish...

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        financialdistrictresident RE: phelana Feb 2, 2011 04:14 AM

        Second Oistens (FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY - local food, fish market w/stands, music) - ask for "2 and a bun" . . .

        Second Gap (means "road" in Barbadian) - Pisces (get the baracuda) and Sweet Potatoes (see more in post below).

        Barbados has 2 beers (IMHO Danks is better).

        1. re: financialdistrictresident
          PoppiYYZ RE: financialdistrictresident Apr 9, 2011 07:42 AM

          Any night in Oistens is good for local fish.

          Specifically try Pat's (my #1) or Margaret's (spelling?). Get the dolphin fish (mahi-mahi) grilled and the flying fish fried. Sides are so-so but Pat's homemade pasta (like a German spaetzle) was great. Tried to get the 5 spices seasoning recipe from Pat but no luck. Definitely thyme and allspice in there though.

          Best meals in Barbados.

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          financialdistrictresident RE: phelana Feb 2, 2011 04:22 AM

          phelana, you forgot the Bajan hot sauce!

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        BequiaT RE: CocoDan Jan 6, 2011 10:15 AM

        Have to agree with the Oistins Fish Fry - amazing and fun! Probably the closest thing you'll get to 'real' carribbean food in Barbados, short of getting out tf the tourist areas.

        At the top of the Gap, where the Gap road meets the main road, there was -a a few years ago - a great roti place right on the corner. Shrimp roti packed full of shrimp. There was also a very expensive seafood restaurant in the Gap - Poisidon? Atlantis? - which was quite good.

        Be warned - Barbados is VERY expensive to eat out.

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          CocoTO RE: BequiaT Jan 6, 2011 10:22 AM

          I think the seafood restaurant you're thinking of is Pisces ... I haven't been in a few years but it used to be very good and a beautiful setting ...

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            oana RE: CocoTO Jan 7, 2011 09:58 PM

            Hi there,
            Love Barbados! Love! :) We were just there for 2 weeks in November and had an incredible time.

            You must do Oistin's as everyone suggests, on Friday night. You MUST also go to Shakers - owner is Amy. Another little gem called 39 steps. Chef is Jon.
            And please, if you see any street food, and you will, stop and eat. Especially if it is in a church parking lot. Trust me :).

            It captured our heart so much that I wrote a 3 part series about it here:

            The titles are:
            1. 13º 10 N 59º 32 W …
            2. Promises ...
            3. Bottoms up ...

            Have a great time! :)

            1. re: oana
              financialdistrictresident RE: oana Feb 2, 2011 04:58 AM

              oana, we're planning another trip to Montreal in Spring . . .check out the Montreal Board. Suggestions welcome . . .

              Second your street food rec. SO always eats at the street vendors/carts. Bajan hot sauce please!

            2. re: CocoTO
              financialdistrictresident RE: CocoTO Feb 2, 2011 04:16 AM

              It's Pisces. Reservations are suggested. Get the baracuda.


              Also in Gap area - Sweet Potatoes. This might be more of a drinking & music place . . .Don't remember hearing much about the food here from SO. . .

          2. financialdistrictresident RE: CocoDan Feb 2, 2011 04:17 AM

            Carib Beach Bar. Get the flying fish.

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              ncara RE: financialdistrictresident Feb 3, 2011 06:16 AM

              and the fish fingers. drinks were great there...it's just past the Gap going towards Accra Beach, right on the beach. We just got back. Had great dinner at NARU....small plates, excellent. Also good were Cafe Luna, Tapas, Champers and Lobster Alive. Something less expensive and casual....Just Grillin....and the Chefette/bbq salad bar place. Had a wonderful lunch at Mullins beach bar....chef salad with Dorado and the fresh tuna melt. Don't do all inclusive...there is just too much out there.

            2. financialdistrictresident RE: CocoDan Feb 2, 2011 04:23 AM

              SO told me Champers is the best in Barbados:


              PS BequiaT - I see what you mean re: food "is VERY expensive"! Is most food flown in?

              1. Robin Joy RE: CocoDan Feb 2, 2011 05:45 AM

                Fish Fries are not limited to Oistins. I've been to the Moon Town one, and it's great. Also much easier to get to if you are staying any distance north of Bridgetown.


                Another poster warned of the expense of the swisher places, and they're all too correct! Unless you are teetotal, somewhere like The Lone Star can easily be $100 per head all in for dinner. There used to be quite a good pizza place (info. a couple of years old) right on the beach at Holetown. Parking too.

                Found it:

                1. l
                  loisswanson RE: CocoDan Feb 3, 2011 03:26 AM

                  Barbados has too many fabulous restaurants and food experiences to limit yourself to an all-inclusive which usually are not that fantastic foodwise.

                  Some definite musts include: Champers, The Tides, Mullins and Naru. There are so many with fabulous food and gorgeous settings. If you want to see pictures of food/restaurants and my opinions, go to www.barbadostips.com I try to keep this very current, and most people find it helpful when they are deciding where to eat, etc. Lois

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                  1. re: loisswanson
                    carib RE: loisswanson Feb 20, 2011 11:53 AM

                    I would agree with many of you my friends. There are many restaurants in Barbados, which deserve to be visited.


                    1. re: carib
                      TomOHaver RE: carib Apr 8, 2011 05:34 AM

                      We asked our cab driver for the day to take us to a local place (not touristy) for lunch - he took us to the Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant, on the Emry Bourne highway between Belleplaine and Windy Hill on the northeast side of the island. (It was during the recent cricket world cup games, so most patrons were glued to the TV). Most of us had fried flying fish, plus we ordered a bowl of souse and pudding and breadfruit to try. It was all really good, although some objected to the souse (basically pickled pig parts). Very tasty, a little bit hot and spicy, and great when washed down with lots of Banks beer. My favorite was the flying fish: fresh, crispy, and nicely seasoned. Lunch and beer for 6 of us, plus the cab driver, including VAT and service charge, came to $198 Barbadan (about $14 US per person).

                  2. s
                    suppertime RE: CocoDan Feb 16, 2012 03:53 PM

                    Don't stay at an all inclusive in Barbados!!There are so many wonderful restaurants all around the island.We just returned and went back to some old favorites-Pisces.The Cliff,The Tides,Daphnes,and Cafe Luna. We are never disappointed with the fare here,but they can seem pricey.I have to remember that so much of their food is imported so I guess it is reasonable to expect to pay top dollar.
                    The Cliff is a dining experience and there is the wow factor that you won't soon forget, but expect to pay for it!!The others are a little more reasonable but don't expect to save money at any of the above.
                    A special treat if you want to experience old Barbados and traditional food is the Fisherpond Great House.Cash only here though and it would be difficult to find, so a taxi may be your best bet.We went for the buffet lunch on Sunday and it was truly memorable.Also I must mention the beautiful setting-an old plantation house where you are treated to a visual treat-i cannot adequately describe this so check it out if you can1
                    We tried the new Cin Cin by the Sea and will definitely return when we go to Barbados again.Also experienced Caribe for the first time and can highly recommend it.
                    If you are travelling with children.don't be afraid to take them with you.They are most welcome in Barbados.
                    Have a wonderful time!!!

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