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Nov 22, 2010 09:19 AM

Stuffing in a crock-pot?

Anyone tried this? My wife claims the one time she did it, years ago, it created the most moist and delicious stuffing ever because it locks all the steam in and doesn't dry it out. It's also a great way to save oven space. I want to do Cook's Illustrated's method for cooking with turkey wings on top (to get the flavor and texture of stuffing cooked in the bird), but I'm concerned that a slow cooker won't get up to a high enough temp to render any fat from the wings, or that it'll be TOO moist and get soggy. Any thoughts?

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  1. Never done it myself, but it would work. I just think the stuffing would end up wet and sticky and I prefer something with a tender most texture and a crispy top.
    Do a "Google" search on crock pot stuffing or use this link:

    for some useful information.

    1. I have an "in the bird" and "out of the bird" stuffing selection every year. My "out of the bird" one is always done in the crock pot. I think you should also consider what is in your stuffing. The one I use for my crock pot one doesn't have any eggs, oysters, etc....or anything that might get tough. It is a plain cornbread/sausage/veg stuffing that lends itself to low and slow baking without getting over moist or overdone. I have fab results using the crock!

      1. These might help

        I think it depends on the heat of your crockpot but I thought the wings idea would be a good one. I'd either cut the liquids in the stuffing, or I'd put a kitchen towel under the lid of the crockpot. Make sure to use a timer and have it turn off before it gets overcooked, or keep a close eye on it.