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Nov 22, 2010 09:03 AM

OXO V blade mandoline = Horrible

I just bought this mandoline based on CI reviews & others & it is horrible. It shredded zucchini, turned oranges into pulp & very uneven cuts, although worked well on apples. Extremely dissapointed! Going back tomorrow.

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  1. I like the Microplane v slicer or the Benriner mandolines otherwise nothing beats the Bron mandoline but they are like $160

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    1. re: KingoftheCastle

      I actually use my Benriner way more than my Bron. The blade on the Benriner is way better IMO and is a separate single bevel blade. The Bron's blade is an extension of the blade plate. The only thing the Bron does that the Benriner doesn't do is waffle cuts. Plus the Bron has it's own stand and is very solid and heavy.

    2. I've had a Borner Swissmar V-slicer for several years and love it. Check the prices on Amazon, especially this week while they've having all the crazy pre-Black-Friday sales each day. If it's not on sale today it may be tomorrow or Weds etc etc. Currently $39.95 so keep an eye out:

      Same price as the Oxo (on Amazon anyway) but far better quality. I use mine on zucchini, apples, carrots, potatoes, you name it, it slices it. Fingers too if you're not careful; that blade is wickedly sharp.

      IMHO many of the Oxo small hand-gadgets are good, but it seems that when they branch out into any kind of larger item (other than something like the pierced colandars) the quality plummets.

      1. I like my OXO mandoline. For $40 you can't beat it. Granted, it works better on softer vegetables. Great for onions, cucumbers and the like.

        1. I bought this. The handle that's meant to protect you is made of pure plastic - not the soft, rubber grip of all of their other stuff. I now have less of my right thumb. Ouch :( Made me think twice about stuff reviewed by CI.

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          1. re: sherrib

            I've heard terrible things about the Oxo V blade mandoline, but CI wasn't the only source that recommended it- Chowhound also recommended the same mandoline and a mag I skimmed through today, maybe GQ, also recommended it.

            I'm curious if those those actually tested it, or just cribbed CI's recommendations for their own.