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Nov 22, 2010 07:52 AM

Breakfast in Macon, GA??

I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this. We will be driving I-75 overnight Tuesday and will need to get breakfast in Macon, GA on Wednesday morning. I have driven through Macon on the interstate many times b/c I used to live in Atlanta, but I haven't really been in Macon. Is there anything besides fast food for breakfast? thanks

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  1. On the north side of Macon, J. Christopher's is just off the Interstate near the Bass Pro Shops.

    In downtown Macon, the Market City Café on Cherry St. is a nice place for breakfast or the H&H Restaurant for a soul food breakfast. These two places are only a few minutes off I-75 (but don’t take the I-475 bypass around Macon for these two).

    Market City Cafe
    502 Cherry St, MacOn, GA 31201

    1. Jeneanes Cafe on Mulberry is a good choice if you want to venture downtown. J Christopher's is a good choice. The food and service are usually reliable.

      Jeneane's Cafe
      524 Mulberry St, MacOn, GA 31201