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Nov 22, 2010 07:22 AM

Where to buy 70% or more hot chocolate mix

Any recommendations for where to buy 70% (or higher) hot chocolate mix? I don't need anything fancy as it's not for a gift.

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  1. Cocoa powder is always 100% cacao often with some sort of anti caking agent. Are you looking for hot chocolate mix?

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      Yes, I am - thanks for correcting me! I'll adjust the title, if I can.

    2. Chocolats Privilège at Marché Jean-Talon have the Valhrona (10$ for 300g) and Cacao Barry (6$ for 300g) one. Both are 100%.

      1. Your best bet is to get it online from the Thomas Haas website (they have the best quality and tastiest ingredients). Pricy, but worth every penny.

        Privilege has in addition to the cocoa powder shaved chocolate for making hot chocolate. It is pretty good, but no where as good as Thomas Haas and I don't think it is 70% chocolate.

        Les Douceurs du Marché at Marché Atwater has several hot chocolate mixes of varying strenght, quality and taste. The selection they have varies and I have not looked at that for a while so I cannot tell you what is good right now. However, the people working there tend to know their products well, so they will be definitely able to help you.

        1. For actual hot chocolate, I'd probably just buy a nice bar of 70% and melt it in some milk...

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            I agree, but using chocolate bars can get quite expensive. A better option would be to buy bulk chocolate at places like Aubut or Merci Vrac. They have a pretty good selection of chocolate in pellet form that you can just toss in hot milk.

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              Another good trick is to go to the Lindt factory outlet in Pte Claire - they often have bars of 90% cacao dark chocolate on sale for $1 each. I always stock up when they do for cooking purposes :)


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                Thanks for the idea! There's a Bulk Barn not too far from me and they may have what I'm looking for.

              2. re: eoj

                Yup, we tend to do that too, however the stuff (chocolate shavings) from Thomas Haas is better than anything I have ever made from melting chocolate in milk.

              3. has some really good hot chocolate mixes - the last time I went I bought what looked like small fishes that melt into hot milk. Definitely delicious.