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Nov 22, 2010 06:46 AM

Need help with casual catering suggestions

We sent out the invites for a Christams Open House at our house, and so far about 50 people have responded (kids and adults alike)

This was all very exciting and good, until I broke my foot! I am now hobbling around with a cast, and need to be realistic about how much food I can prepare,and what I need to order in, Since we originally planned to do all of the food ourselves, I have not budgetd for a Huge caterers bill...

I need suggestions for things I can order at a reasonable cost, that still taste fresh and homemade. I am open to sweet and savoury suggestions.

Where is a good and reasonable place to get Christmas cookies? Or other sweets?

Suggestions for savoury dishes?
* Sushi platters?
* Spiral ham?
* Other ideas....

Thanks so much. The party is in a few weeks, so I need to get myself (re) organized pretty quickly

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  1. For Christmas cookies and other sweets, try Open Window Bakery. They are far less expensive than most bakeries in the city and the quality is pretty good too. I buy their cakes on occasion and my friends are always shocked when I tell them how little I paid.

    For catering on a budget (assuming you don't need servers), I'm going to suggest Pickle Barrel Catering. I would not recommend Pickle Barrel restaurants, but their catering is pretty good for the price. If you just need appetizer platters, I think you would be satisfied with their prices and quality. As for what to order, I've only sampled a few of the dishes, but I found their sushi platter was surprisingly well-made. The chicken satays were tasty as well (you--usually--can't go wrong with meat on sticks).

    Sorry about your foot :(

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      1. Under the circumstances, poor you!, have you considered explaining to your guests your situation and suggesting that appetizer or meal contributions are welcome?

        Bruno's will prepare things like special baked hams and roasted turkeys for catering....

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          Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will start my search with these places, and let you know what we come up with.

          (As far as asking friends to bring stuff- I know they would in a heartbeat, but we are so long overdue on entertaining, that I dont want to ask them...)