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Nov 22, 2010 06:27 AM

Table 3 and Fish & Co. Nashville, anyone been?

I was wondering, has anyone tried Table 3 or Fish & Co yet? I am trying to decide between these 2 restaurants and the Standard at Smith House for a nice dinner with friends. I live in Nashville and love Margot, Watermark and City House. I'm looking for my next favorite restaurant. thanks!

City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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  1. I haven't been, but there have been favorable reviews of Table 3 in both The Tennessean ( and the Nashville Scene ( Fish & Co has also gotten a good review in The Tennessean ( and unofficial chatter at the Scene is also good (,

    I would recommend visiting Fish & Co soon. The restaurant group that owns it (and the multiple previous incarnations of Miro in that space, and Watermark, and the awful Blind Pig 55) can't seem to find its posterior with both hands. F&C is getting good chatter now and the chef is nationally renowned, but you never know what will happen if the wind changes.

    1. I have been three times and it is excellent.Nashville is lucky to have Louis Osteen and his wife join us. Louis' knowledge of seafood will make Nashville the best landlocked place to eat fish. The raw bar is varied and fresh and all the dishes we have had from the kitchen have been wonderful. His shrimp and grits are the way they are supposed to be, just textbook. Looking forward to getting back, tonight.

      1. I went to Fish & Co this weekend it it was awesome. The raw bar alone makes it a hit, had great, fresh oysters and clams, beautiful, actually reordered more and had them delay the main course. Wife had the fisherman's stew, cioppino like, very good, fresh. I had the signature dish, scallops w a shrimp hash, really fresh and filling. Try the bengiots for dessert

        1. I don't know why they call it Fish & Co. when almost everything on the menu is shellfish. I'd like a place in Nashville where I could choose from a menu with some variety of fish on it, not just salmon. I miss Deb Paquette more than words can say....

          1. Finally made it to Fish & Co last night. Was disappointed but will give it another try. started out with the etouffe app but it really didn't measure up. I think it was the roux, in that there was very little of it and it wasn't dark enough, thus making the whole dish bland. Then moved onto the fishermans stew. OK but the most prominent ingredients were large slices of carrot and a lot of quartered new potatoes. I expected fish to be front and center in the dish but instead it was very small cubes of fish and just 4 or 5 mussels, plus a few shrimp.

            On the good side I did order from the raw bar and the clams and oysters were excellent. Nashville has always been lacking in this sort of thing. Next time I think I will stick with the raw bar and a simple piece of grilled fish.