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Nov 22, 2010 06:13 AM

Baltimore area

Hi: I will be driving from NY to downtown Washington DC soon. I'd like to stop on the way in the Baltimore area for a light meal (preferably dairy, but not a pizza shop) . What would you recommend that would not take me too far out of my way? I found a listing for Milk and Honey Bistro in Baltimore- does that satisfy my criteria? If Silver Spring or another suburb is on the way, that's fine as well. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Milk & Honey= highly recommended. Decor is terrible, so don't bring a client there, and the menu is severely limited, but the food is fresh and very good, the prices are right, and the service is very friendly.

    Goldberg's Bagels is another option. Food is pretty good, but it's kind of pricey (as is all kosher food in Baltimore, honestly) and the service is nasty. Or, to put it another way, they promise a New York experience, and boy do they ever provide one.

    Mama Leah's is fine if you want pizza and are prepared to wait around forever to get it.

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      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Gooldberg's for the bagels. LOVE them! Was jsut at Kosher Bite yesterday and while they are meat, they do have several non meat options including the usual fallafel and many Chinese dishes which if they do not have meat, can be made on vegitarian pots and pans.
      After Dec 1 they will have (meat) Russian food again! YES!!!!

    2. I presume you will be driving down 95 from NY. Its quite a schlep to drive from 95 to Reisterstown Rd and back to 95. I suggest you eat in Silver Spring since you will probably exit there to get to DC.

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        Except all the food options in Silver Spring suck.

        1. re: The Cameraman

          SO NOT TRUE...nut house is awesome

          1. re: The Cameraman

            Max's has a great falafel and schwarma stand. Just like Israeli stands
            It is not far off 95 on University blvd in wheaton and it is kosher

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            I agree. Just make it all the way to Silver Spring, and try the Kosher Pastry Oven

            1. re: zsero

              I'll second the Kosher Pastry Oven. If it's lunch or breakfast, try the malawach. The dinner menu varies, but I've always left satisfied. If you prefer Baltimore, I'd recommend Goldberg's (much better than the D.C. area versions).

              1. re: elmoz

                I've never tried this place. Will have to stop in next time I'm in Baltimore.

                1. re: The Cameraman

                  It's in Silver Spring, not Baltimore. (Kosher Pastry Oven, that is)

          3. You can also try Cocoaccinos, it has a nicer look than Milk & Honey and they have pastas, paninis... more of a cafe feel

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              Okay, so if you're telling me that Silver Spring is less out of the way, I'll stop there. Any other options other than the one mentioned above (Kosher Pastry Oven)? Thanks so much

              1. re: EmpireState

                For non-pizza dairy not too far out of the way, I think the only other option would be Goldberg's Bagels. As I posted earlier, I think the Baltimore Goldberg's is much better.

                1. re: elmoz

                  Just in case....
                  If you doing the Wednesday night pre-Thanksgiving drive.....just bring food and eat in your car and possibly a pair of depends. That traffic is deadly.

                  Otherwise, if the more important detail is easy on/off to 95, I'd stick with Ben Yehuda Pizza in Silver spring.

                  1. re: vallevin

                    Why Ben Yehuda rather than KPO? Especially since the request was for non-pizza? It's not as if BY were closer to the highway.

            2. I would suggest that you stop st Goldbergs Bagels on Georgia Ave Silver Spring. Its about 1/8 of a mile from the exit and you can continue south on Georgia or 16th st into DC

              1. Milk and Honey has AMAZING food...but truthfully Baltimore takes you 45 min out of the way if you are going to Wash. In Silver Spring Try Nut House small place but very good Pizza. Or Siena's Pizza in Rockville which has good pizza and Awesome mexican milchig food and it is nicer than a typical pizza shop.