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Nov 22, 2010 06:03 AM

Looking for short ribs

Hey all, I'm looking for a butchet east of the Mont Royal that could provide me with good quality short ribs cut leghtwise rather than crosswise like Korean short ribs. I usually buy them at Boucherie du Marché at JTM, but recently they were cut lenghtwise and bundle up with twine. I'd like a nice piece of meat that holds up with a bone. I know they end tasting the same, but for that one dinner, presentation has to be perfect and that would really make a difference for me since I need to glaze the ribs in the sauce in a pan after they've been cooked in the oven.

Thanks for any and all reccos. I've got a rather big budget so money is no object.

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  1. Not in the location you're looking in but the last time I bought those were at Claude et Henri at Atwater, and then after speaking with owner Brigitte to describe what I needed.

    1. Slovenia is a reliable source of short ribs, although i believe they will be boneless but you can always ask if they have on the bone.

      1. I have purchased short ribs (with the bone in) at Boucherie Fairmount on St. Laurent. It is usually not on display so you may have to ask and he will butcher some for you.

        1. Bought some at Boucherie St-Viateur on Beaubien, a little east of St-Laurent on a few occasions.

          1. I buy my short ribs from Chez Vito on Fairmount. They are bone in and they will cut them however you like. I've bought short ribs elsewhere that have been excessively fatty and disappointing.

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              Yeah I should have thought of Vito. Vito it si then. Thanks all for the help.