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Nov 22, 2010 05:30 AM

Ability of owners to respond to reviews [moved from New Jersey board]

Hey right with no excuse with the credit card rudeness. But, you bring up a good point about restaurants being able to express their defense. Maybe chowhound could develop a response board for the owners and management of the restaurant industry as well? NOT a sounding off board, but one geared toward addressing specific topics related to them. I'm interested to hear what others think about this..

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  1. Nothing prevents them from replying as long as the identify their connection to the restaurant in question .

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      It's funny, on Trip Advisor, a hotelier can comment on remarks-both good and bad- right after the individual review. It's clearly marked. Maybe CH can work on something like this.

    2. Scroll down to the third block in this sticky topic that says "For Restaurant Owners..." to see the site policy on this issue.

      1. We have guidelines on when and how restaurants are allowed to participate:

        They can jump in to answer factual questions or correct factual errors, as long as they identify themselves as being from the restaurant.

        We have never sought to be a place for restaurants to engage in customer service, whether to offer special deals or to do spin control on negative reports. Our goal is always to present the experience of the regular customer in as unvarnished a manner as possible, but allowing restaurants to actively manage the conversation about their business would completely change that dynamic. It wouldn't be in the best interests of the site if we had people posting here in the hopes that publicity for their problems would get them some special consideration -- it's important that everyone be here just to share tips on places they've eaten without any additional motivation.