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Nov 22, 2010 05:50 AM

Recommendations Required - Cutting Edge French Cuisine

I'm in Paris at the moment and am looking for some recommendations for cutting edge french food.

I have reservations at Le Chateaubrian and L'Astrance.

I'm looking for the Paris equilivant of Momofuku Saam bar, Corton, WD-50.

Any help appreciated.

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  1. I suggest Passage 53. I only wish Momofuku Ko were as refined as Passage 53.

    1. "the Paris equilivant of Momofuku Saam bar, Corton, WD-50."
      Sorry, since I left Manhattan in '85, I have little idea of our equivalents here:
      Cutting Edge here is, of course, l'Astrance, Le Chateaubriand (and le Dauphin, maybe someday) and the C's - Claude Colliot at his eponymous place and Choukroun - currently at MBC, both of which I like much more than the places you've chosen, which I've found to push the envelope too far, but I'm alone in this opinion.
      There are also places that use ginger and lemon grass, heaven forbid.

      1. Wherever you choose, you will not have to sit on backless stools as at Ko, Thank God. Congrats on Astrance res, tough ticket.

        1. Well, you should include Pierre Gagnaire on the list. He has been around for a while, but it is still unique.

          1. Les Magnolias, in Le Perreux/Marne.

            You won't find much cutting edge in France. The places listed here are as closed as it gets. But quite frankly, the restaurants you mention have a concept of dining that is just very different from what we consider dining in France.

            You see, we still like to eat.

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