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Nov 22, 2010 05:40 AM

Making latkes ahead of time

I know I've seen suggestions here in the past for making latkes ahead and reheating them at serving time, but I can't seem to find those posts now. What do I need to do to prevent made-ahead latkes from turning dark and oil-laden? How should they be re-heated? Is this even doable? My problem with making latkes just before serving is that they never make it to the table; they get eaten as soon as they're cool enough to handle. Help!

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  1. Set your oven to a low temp of 200 degrees. Place latkes in the oven on a baking sheet. Cover the latkes with a sheet of foil to trap the heat. This keeps them warm until ready to eat, plus serves as a store away place while you finish making the rest of the batch.

    I love latkes. Enjoy!

    1. If you make them ahead of time, liine a baking dish with paper towel and arrange the latkes standing up on their edges (imagine a box of books, spine up) in the dish. Cover with foil to refrigerate, but remove the foil when you want to reheat them - 325 to 350 until hot. Having the latkes standing up avoids them being squashed and flattened by a second layer and allows them to drain excess fat while retaining some crispness. They won't be exactly as wonderful as freshly fried but they're still pretty addictive.

      As for the turning dark business, this can be avoided by rinsing the potato shreds under running water before making the batter. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible then add the eggs and everything else. I'm not sure exactly what causes the potatoes to turn black, but this will definitely fix that problem.

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        You can also mix in a vitamin C tablet dissolved in a touch of water to prevent the browning.

      2. I tried this make ahead latke thing last year and what I figured out was that if you make thelatkes, place them ,uncooked, on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze them. Take them out about 30 minutes prior toc ooking anf fry as usual.

        1. My mother's latke secret now revealed! Honestly, I have no idea why the world doesn't know about this, but if you add a dollop of SOUR CREAM to your latke mixture at the end, it will magically lighten and stay that way. I've made batter a few hours ahead and this works fine.