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Best Butcher for Steaks?

I live in the downtown core and need to buy steaks for 6 people for a party at home (barbque). I would like really good ones-where should I go and what cut do you like for barbquing?

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    1. Though Cumbrae always comes to mind first, however, Bruno's has more choices and worth a visit! They usually carry BOTH Canadian and US Prime ( Angus ) as well as nicely aged and marbled North American raised Wagyu.

      481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

      1. I would recommend Striploins from Scotch Mountain meats. They're a small scale operation out of Meaford. I've prefer their strips to Cumbrae's, which is also very good. Their website says you can find their products at Friendly Butcher, Oliffe, and White House.

        481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

        White House
        95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

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          Alternatively, Sanagans Meat Locker, in Kensington market, has some very impressive looking cowboy ribeyes that would be fun for a party. You could easily feed six people with 1 or 2 of these beautiful monsters, and you can't beat bone in for flavour, and presentation.

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            Second this. They look impressive but also taste amazing cooked bistecca fiorentina style.

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              thirded. Ive been buying from Sanagan's consistently and its always great. Right now they have some grass fed beef that is unusually deep red in its colour. havent tried it, but it looks outstanding.

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                  I decided to try out Sanagan's over the holidays after reading about it on this board. We bought one of the Fred Flintstone-esque steaks - one big bone with a a 4 inch, 2 pound gorgeously marbled rib steak attached that more closely approximated a small roast. Hubby bbq'd it to perfection with just the last few minutes roasted in the oven. There were 5 of us that feasted on it, which made for a really fun presentation. Without a doubt, it was the best tasting steak I've had from any butcher shop or restaurant in years - unbelievably flavourful. I'm heading back there this week to try out some more of their meat.

        2. Im a big fan of Cheese Botique (south kingway area)

          their 50 day bone in rib eye is amazing and always impresses my friends both in how ginormous it looks and how it tastes

          1. Not in the downtown core, but if you are in the west end, Medium Rare at Dundas and Kipling has quality meats. Service is slow, but once they get to you they are very attentive. Quality is very good; we ordered a cornish hen and rib eye steaks, and my family had a great Christmas meal.

            Medium Rare
            5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

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              The price is pretty steep but......

              Over the holidays we bought some PEI steaks from Oliffe and they were the best EVER!! Okay I'm not good at explaining but let me just say that it was the taste I've been wanting and searching for in a steak for a long, long time to no avail.

              By this I mean, it tasted like steak use to taste growing up. Meaty and full of flavour. I find the steaks I've had of late, and at some very good places, have no texture and little taste to them.

              Everyone should treat themselves at least once to a PEI steak from Oliffe's.

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                Have you tried Sanagan's, Ms Millygirl?

                Sanagan's truly is a Destination Butcher, However, I believe the best butcher is the one you see regularly that'll work with you to accommodate your needs. foreignx, what's your closest major intersection?

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                  I go there enough now that they know me and even know what I may like in regards to new products they've have in or are about to arrive. To me they do shine. Quality meats, good service, fair price (IMO) equals a winner!

                  I like Oliffe as well but it is too far north (north of Bloor that is) for me to make a trip there often.

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                  Haven't tried the PEI steaks from Oliffe but have had some other good ones from there. I would also encourage you to try Sanagan's - I posted above about the steak I had there over the holidays and I think your description is bang on for my experience - it tasted like the kind of steaks I used to eat growing up - actually, even better. And for $18 or $19 a pound, it was probably close to half of what you paid at Oliffe. I like Oliffe for the quality, convenience and service but one of my new year's resolutions is to seek out quality butchers with better prices.