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Nov 22, 2010 05:01 AM

Turkey's too big!

We purchased our turkey in advance through a new CSA farm here in Western Massachusetts. Being new at the game, the farmer treated the turkeys extraordinarily well, resulting in 30-40 pound birds.

Sitting in my tool room is a 33 pound bird. I would appreciate any and all thoughts on how to cook it.


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  1. This thread is about the same subject:

    Might be of some help!

    1. WOW! This might be a really good case of deconstructing the turkey to ensure tenderness. Do you need such a HUGE bird? If you can figure out what to use to cut it up (a sterilized hack saw?), I would cut off the legs, thighs, backbone and wings. You can make turkey stock for the gravy from the legs, backbone and wings. I would freeze the thighs for another meal.

      What you would have left is a giant breast. You would have a couple of options: brine the whole breast for 1-2 days and roast it OR de-bone the whole thing and make a stuffed, boneless turkey roast with the stuffing rolled inside the bird. This would be enough for lots of people and IMHO, the majority of people want white meat anyway.

      Very curious to know if this turkey is tough from being so huge. Please come back and let us know. Good Luck!

      1. I would splay cook it (spatchcock). If you can find a baking sheet big enough and strong enough. We did this to a turkey we bought over the summer. It turned out wonderful and cooked much faster.