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Nov 22, 2010 04:50 AM

in memory

sorry i couldnt find a thread to attach this article on "lives lived" in todays globe and mail but thought it would be of interest to some members

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  1. I Thought this might be about Moh. Tomorrow is her 41st Birthday date. I really miss her posts here. Every now and then I open the COTM archives searching for a recipe I want to read reviews of and there she'd be... Thanks for the reminder.

    1. thank you for pointing out that lovely article

      1. My Dinner saturday night was because of a Moh recomendation, and I will be forever greatful. Thank you Moh. You will be missed.

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        1. re: BlueSteak

          It was lovely to read this again, I still miss her posts , she left an imprint on this forum,
          she can't be replaced.

          1. re: superbossmom

            Couldn't agree more. She will be missed by all.

        2. Ah, Mila... she sure packed a lot of living in her short life. We should all take heed.

          1. I didn't know we shared the birthdate, I'm actually older.

            so early :(