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looking for an old family recipe - friterra dulce

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Hi all-

I'm cooking thanksgiving for my aunt's family as she is in hospice for late stage brain cancer. I want to surprise her and cook her family specialty, friterra dulce (pronounced fre-tear-a doo-sa, I'm guessing on the spelling) but obviously she's not in a position to get the recipe to me.

I've googled every possible spelling, but to no avail. Can anyone help me out? I think it has cream of wheat in it, and it's shaped like baklava with the texture of a sponge cake soaked with liquid. It's slightly sweet but fairly neutral in taste otherwise.

Thanks everyone and happy thanksgiving!


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  1. What ethnicity is this?

    1. Try googling Fritura dolce. I found a lot of results but have no idea if this is what you are looking for. Good luck!

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        That's it! Thanks!

        They're Italian...if only google translate was as good as you guys!

      2. Knowing the ethnicity would be helpful, however instead of using the name of the dish (since you aren't certain of the spelling), I googled 'cream of wheat cake' which brought up many recipes (Indian, Portuguese , and Egyptian). You might try looking through these, and try to find the best match. I hope this helps. Good luck.