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Nov 21, 2010 10:18 PM

Tell Tale Preserve Co. @ Ferry Building

Anyone try anything from Tell Tale Preserve Co. booth on Tues Ferry Bldg Farmers Market (located adjacent to the Blue Bottle kiosk) or they have an online Subscription thing where you pay $35 for their goodies & either pick up at the stand or FedEx 2-day.

It seems they have have a storefront with Patisserie & Delicatessen: 33 Maiden Ln, SF Spring 2011.


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  1. Anyone try anything from them yet?

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      I don't think the store-front has opened yet. I have not subscribed, but I am gradually working my way through their Tuesday offerings; they are at the Saturday market, too. The croissant and the chocolate croissant are great; buttery, flakey, though not super crisp. The "pop tart" with gruyere and ham was really rich and the crust was nice and crisp. The gougeres with black pepper were great once and a bit soft the next time, though that may have been from the rainy-day weather. The passion fruit and the warren pear pate de fruit were awesome (I have not tried the current flavor, asian pear). The chocolate marshmallows are covered with a thin coating of chocolate and cocoa; they are great dropped into hot milk or coffee. The espresso caramels and the creative changing flavors of "turron" have not been as successful, imo.

    2. This has become my new favorit dessert place. Products are impeccable. They really deliver the right combination of pure flavor that relies on superlative ingredients (not too sweet), and subtle, satisfying textures (be it light, crispy, chewy, or gooey).

      The marcona almond and salted caramel brownies are simply delightful. It's really a brownie sandwich with caramel in the middle: not too sweet, good almond flavor, brownie is light, caramel has just the right amount of saltiness and a rich, gooey texture. I find myself licking bits of caramel out of the bag when I'm done.

      Have also loved the pate de fruit and the chocolate marshmallows (which have this great textural contrast between a hard cocoa outer shell and a marshmallow with just the slightest chew.)

      Yes it's a bit pricey, but well worth it. I think the best analogy is probably Recchiutti - similar commitment to ingredient quality and technical perfection. But while Recchiutti is very chocolate focused, Tell Tale is more of a candy and pastry maker. Tell Tale also has more of a "mom and pop" feel.

      They're currently selling at the Tuesday and Saturday Ferry Building Markets as well as Big Daddy's Antiques in Portero. Maiden Lane shop will likely be Spring or early Summer.

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      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        Completely agree on the brownie. Have also been known to lick the bag.
        Am also a big fan of the Rebel Within.

      2. On their website they have decided to not open storefront at 33 Maiden Ln, & they are looking for a smaller place in SF. Still at Ferry Bldg Farmers Market Tues & Sat & Big Daddy Antiques.


        1. Tell Tale Preserve Co has Closed due to failed partnership with the investors Whisk Group.

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            But they are at ferry plaza this morning.

            1. re: wally

              I had my first experience with Tell Tale at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Had the Rebel within and the chocolate croissant. So good we went back and got the marcona almond and salted caramel brownie and a financier. That's when I was told this was their last day in business. Couldn't believe it!!