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Nov 21, 2010 07:47 PM


Well, it's time to roast turkeys again. This year, for one of the dinners I do, I'd like to serve a mole. Problem is, I've never made a mole. For better or worse, I do like the dark mole at El Chili. I would call it a success I'd I could prepare something like that. Any guidance from local hounds?

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  1. I've never made it either, but I've picked up the "homemade" mole from La Michoacana meat market, mixed it with stock, and ... it was really, really good. It's a dark mole in unmarked tubs at the meat counter; I don't know how often they make it - not very, it seems, since I usually don't see it there - but I think it was around this time of year I got it before. They have several commercial kinds, too, but the stuff they put out at the fresh meat counter is fantastic.

    1. I realized I'd never posted the results.

      I ended up making a mole from scratch using Rick Bayless's recipe:

      Despite all the warnings that this is hard or you'd be crazy to do it.... its not. It does take time, and you'll be rewarded if you plan it out and do your mise en place before you start in ernest.

      The trickiest part was getting the mole as dark as it was supposed to be. Mine probably wasn't, but it was darn tasty nevertheless. I'd change a couple of the procedures in the recipe, so if anyone wants more details or pictures of the process, let me know.

      I served the mole with a home smoked turkey.

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        HI. I am about to embark on the black mole recipe. My question, should the chicken have its skin or be skinless? I am tending toward removing the skin but am unsure. Also can I finish it in the oven instead of on the stove as I do not have a dutch oven large enough to accommodate all the chickens (I am doubling the recipe).