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Nov 21, 2010 07:39 PM

Looking for a baking/cooking class in Eugene, OR

Looking for a really good cooking class on the weekends.
I am dying to do an artisan bread baking class.
Would love to do sour dough bread.

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  1. Can't say if they ever offer breadbaking classes, but Cooks Pots Tabletops offers a lot of cooking classes. The couple I went to were demonstration, but they may have some hands-on ones as well.

    1. One year later ... Lane Community College offers continuing education baking classes on the week-ends and one instructor frequently offers artisan bread classes, including sourdough bread, in the winter quarter. If you didn't manage to find a class in 2011 - check out their catalogue offerings for Winter 2012.

      1. Check with Marche - I believe they used to have occasional classes (could be wrong, haven't been in Eugene in a while).

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          Marche does not offer baking classes.

        2. Pepperberries kitchen store (across from Sheldon HS) on Willakenzie has cooking classes.