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Nov 21, 2010 07:28 PM


The December issue of Texas Monthly lists what are in their opinion the 50 Best Mexican Restaurants in the state.

Did your favorites make the cut?

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  1. This is ony available to subscribers. Can you hit some of the highlights, especialy Houston and San Antonio.

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    1. re: James Cristinian

      I think you can just register online, and it's free. I'm not a subscriber, and I can access it. They go into a pretty good description of each place, and why they chose it, and what to order.


      They separate it into Top 5 Best of the Best -

      Fonda San Miguel - Austin
      Cuquita's - Dallas
      Salsa Fuego - Ft. Worth
      Hugo's - Houston
      SoLuna - San Antonio

      And then...

      In Houston:
      Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen
      Gorditas Aguas Calientas
      Jarro Cafe
      Original Ninfa's on Navigation
      Pico's Tex Mex
      Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen
      Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe

      In San Antonio:
      Cascabel Mexican Patio
      Celito Lindo
      El Siete Mars
      La Fonda on Main
      La Gloria Icehouse
      Mary Lou's Cafe y Cocina Mexicana

      1. re: Jaymes

        Just noticed some typos. Sorry - I was tired.

        But of course, it's Cielito Lindo. And El Siete Mares.

        Probably doesn't matter much unless you're looking them up.

        1. re: Jaymes

          Any list that includes Cielito Lindo, Guajillo's and La Gloria is good by me.

          Cielito Lindo Restaurant
          31303 Fm 2920 Rd Ste A, Waller, TX 77484

          La Gloria
          1001 37th St, Snyder, TX 79549

          1. re: saeyedoc

            Any list that includes Manuel's of Austin in there top Austin restuarants is suspect to me.

          2. re: Jaymes

            And it's Pico's Mex-Mex in Houston. Not Tex-Mex. I clearly should have proofread that post a little better.

          3. re: Jaymes

            Hard to believe Cyclone Anayas is on this list. Real bad food that you get to pay extra for. My opinion only, of course.

        2. By Mexican restos do they mean south of the border, or are Tex-Mex restos included?

          1. Anybody else who has tried Sol Luna in San Antonio and been less than impressed?? We went there a couple of years ago for lunch, and didn't think it was so great.....thus have never been back. Is there something we SHOULD have tried?? I don't even remember what we had as it was not memorable. Anybody else have "feedback" on this particular restaurant? As I recall, there were very few other patrons there at the time we were--for a reason????

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            1. re: Ms Ghost

              It's really a bummer, isn't it, when you go to a restaurant about which others rave, and you have a less-than-outstanding experience. So many things can cause it. Perhaps chef having an "off day." Perhaps, as you say, ordering something that didn't particularly suit you. Who knows.

              But Texas Monthly did put it in their Top Five. Not that they are the be-all and end-all, but still, if I were you, I'd probably give it another try before I mark it off of my list entirely.

              Here's a partial excerpt from TM: "Its dilemma is familiar. On the one hand, it must accommodate customers that are happily hooked on Tex-Mex. To fill that need, it offers the likes of cheddar cheese enchiladas and a fine roster of tacos (the mild, juicy cabrito version, by the way, is fantastic). On the other hand, chef-manager Gerardo Calvillo, 31, is in love with recipes from Mexico's heartland. Thus you will also find specialties like chiles en nogada, a poblano lusciously stuffed with cooked fruits and ground beef and pork. Making everyone happy is a constant balancing act - Gerardo had to nix the nogada's proper chilled sweet walnut cream sauce because his customers didn't take to it, and he uses cream to soften the assertive chipotle sauce on shredded-chicken enchiladas - but there are pleasures to be had from both sides of the divide. The pescado Veracruzano features a perfectly-cooked snapper filet in a white-wine sauce with capers, sliced olives, tomato and onion. And, as a finale, there is a sybaritic pecan-topped tres leches cake."

              This is all in the December issue of Texas Monthly, which is still on the stands. Anybody really interested in good Mexican food in Texas should probably own a copy.

              1. re: Ms Ghost

                I tried SoLuna while in San Antonio yesterday and was left wondering,, top 50 in Texas,, no way! The chips and salsa arrived, and the salsa must have come right out of refrigeration,... I had a similar smokey flavor as LaFogata without the heat.. The disappointed didn't stop there.. Their special "mole" enchiladas were just average,,, I've had better at less touted restaurants.. All in all i thought soluna was just so-so.

                1. re: Ms Ghost

                  Good, but not amazing! Give me Paloma Blanca, Rosario's or even La Fogata any day!

                  La Fogata
                  2427 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78213

                  1. re: Uncle Luigi

                    went back to So-so Luna again this afternoon with a business associate for lunch while in town on a business trip. I had the chx taco's plate (incl rice and beans).. Dry, dryer, driest chicken i've ever been served up at a restaurant, wrapped in a flour tortilla,, and nothing else.. In fact, I thought I had chipped my tooth on the brittle chicken strips.. Will not be returning to so-so luna,, ever!

                    1. re: bornie

                      Hilarious. I hope they offer dental. Not for their staff, but for their customers.