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Nov 21, 2010 06:23 PM

best chinese in austin

we went to t&s chinese seafood on far north lamatr for dinner,having heard about how good it was..
It was wonderful. By new favorite chinese in austin. We had the crab with ginger and scallions and the salt and pepper shrimp.
I put a full review on my recipe blog at

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  1. For those wanting to see the review, but not interested in rdking647's blog, I've pasted the review below.

    Also, rdking647, this is from the Chow posting etiquette:
    "Posts which link directly to blog entries without adding any useful information to the site will be removed - copy or encapsulate your blog posts on Chowhound so readers can read and respond within our community."


    T&s Chinese Seafood

    Time for a restaurant review,something I havent done for a while. i had a hankering for good chinese food. I’d heard about T&S Chinese seafood way up north on Lamar and decided to try it for a sunday dinner.

    The restaurant is at 10014 N lamar about 2 miles north of 183. Its open 7 days a week and its open late on Thursday-Sunday (1 am)
    When you first walk in T&S isnt much to look at. It looks like a typical dive. But looks are deceiving. Because it was sunday night instead of afternoon we didnt have dim sum which they are know for and instead had a full meal.
    Tara has the salt and pepper shrimp and I had Dungeness crab with ginger and scallions. For an appetizer we ordered pot stickers.

    It was fantastic. The pot stickers werent greasy like so many are. They had a nice bite to them. Tara loved her shrimp. Its available both shell off and shell (and head) on. Tara chose shell off for ease of eating. It come on a plate with a bunch of jalapeno peppers but the dish isnt spicy at all
    My crab was the whole dungeness with the shell cracked but not taken off. It was messy to eat with all the sauce and the ginger and scallions but I done right in. MMMM MMMMM I ate every bit of the sweet crab meat and sucked up all the scallions and ginger. After the meal they brought us a complementary bowl of a warm tapioca pudding. Tara like it but im not a tapioca eater so I passed.

    All in all I give T&S chinese seafood 4 stars… Its my new favorite chinese restaurant in Austin.
    i will be back.. often.. Its a good thing its so far from my house or I would eat there every day.
    Next I will have to try their dim sum which ive heard is among Austins best

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    1. I can't bring myself to go back to T&S, although I loved the eggplant hot pot. One cacaroach I can handle...several at one sitting is just too much.

      My favorite is Din Ho. Asia Cafe is a close second, but just misses the flavor mark for me.

      There was a place I had some awesome soup a few months back way up on North Lamar and for the life of me, I can't remember the name...

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      1. re: amysuehere

        Have you been to Ho Ho? It's supposed to be the new (but old) Din Ho.

        1. re: rudeboy

          I haven't been to Ho Ho but I'll try it and hopefully soon. But what's wrong with the current Din Ho? Was there last week and the food was better than ever.

          1. re: ridgeback

            Nothing wrong with Din Ho - I got takeout there the week before last. I remember some previous posts stating that Din Ho had gone downhill. I found out that the old owners of Din Ho sold it and opened Ho Ho. I've tried Ho Ho a couple of times, and it was good. A little "fancier" if that's one's desire.

            Glad to hear that Din Ho was better than ever, though. Can't have enough good Chinese places.

            1. re: rudeboy

              Just had a big lunch at Din Ho. It is firing on all cylinders right now. very good.

              1. re: ieathereforeiam

                I should have too. Tried Mr. Tramps instead and all I can say is "Meh..."

          2. re: rudeboy

            No, haven't been to Ho Ho, but if you say it's good it's on my list.

            1. re: amysuehere

              We love Ho Ho. They have a seafood soup that's awesome (definitely need to share..huge portions). The roasted pork & duck plate is a go to for us. Super yummy and they sell out quickly on weekends. Lost of fresh seafood in tanks you can choose from and the ducks and pork hanging in the lobby. Portions are huge and prices are fair. We always take some home.

        2. T&S used to be one of my favorites, but I don't go there very much any more. Plus, the restrooms smell to high heaven. I really like Asia Cafe, the food is great and authentic, and the prices are cheap, and while you're there, you can pop into Chen's Noodle House for some green onion pancakes. Yum!!

          Chen's Noodle House
          8650 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759

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          1. re: shalom9

            We tried to go to Chen's last weekend, but it was packed to the gills. A good sign, but kept us from staying.

            1. re: shalom9

              I went to Chen's for the first time a few weeks ago. I'd been wanting to try it for years but avoid the area like the plague since my mother-in-law lives up there. Anyway, I was very unimpressed. Got the lamb noodle soup...bland, bland, bland. Nothing in the broth except maybe a total of 15 pieces of diced veggies and tiny diced lamb. It literally tasted like nothing more than a weak broth.

            2. I love First best for duck. I find them consistently good as well. Bathroom is decent. Din Ho is fabulous and when their duck is on, it is on, but I have been served old duck there before. Their other dishes are always tip top, though. I love many many items on their menu though, from pan fried seafood noodle, drunken scallops, tofu stuffed with shrimp, seafood with preserved Chinese vegetable, black bean beef flat rice noodle, and more. Ho Ho is also good. Ho Ho duck fried rice is stellar. I love their sea bass filet in plum sauce (Chinese preserved plum broth, not sweet sticky American Chinese plum sauce). They have lots of great dishes. T&S is has some good dishes, love their pan fried seafood noodle and anything "rang muoi" or salt n pepper dishes, especially the soft shell crab and the squid. But T&S is kind of greasy, too. We end up having it often cuz they deliver to my area and I usually have to adjust the seasonings a bit. (I never order salt n pepper dishes delivery tho cuz they would get soggy) Also, their dim sum ranges from great to stale. They are just inconsistent. But when they are good, they are good.

              I have read so much about Asia Cafe and recently finished reading Fuchsia Dunlop's books (she is a Sichuan food enthusiast)...I went to Asia Cafe once and it was just gross. I think I ordered all of the wrong dishes. I don't eat pork, and that kind of limits me since I think most of their most highly acclaimed dishes are pork. Somehow I find lots to eat at the handful of Chinese and Chinese Vietnamese Cantonese places that I mentioned above and that is never a problem telling them "please make sure there is no secret pork in this dish." I have been meaning to try Asia Cafe again, though. Also, I saw on this board there is another Sichuan place (Sichuan Garden???) somewhere.

              A fave place of mine owned by Chinese from Vietnam with outstanding food is Sea Dragon. Avoid the buffet, go straight for the menu for great Chinese stuff. Gorgeous garlic fried lobster, crab dishes, and some Chinese influenced Vietnamese dishes like pho ap chao, it is like giant rice noodles(pho means flat rice noodle, the soup is for the noodle, and you can get stir fried pho and all, too that has nothing to do with the soup) seared against the wok until they are mushed together and slightly scorched and topped with a brown sauce seafood and veg topping. I mean this stuff is outrageously good. The wok-hei smokey flavor on the noodles is addictive enough.

              Sea Dragon
              8776B Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

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              1. re: luckyfatima

                Lukcyfatima, I can't find any of the Din Ho dishes you mention (drunken scallops, tofu stuffed with shrimp) on their online menu. Is there a hidden menu or do these have a different translation?


                1. re: Carter B.

                  I've had a look, yes, I have flubbed up a couple of the names, I apologize for any confusion:

                  The fried golden bean curd is the bean curd stuffed with shrimp (V7). It seems as if it would be a vegetarian dish, but there is a secret baby shrimp stuffed inside. Braised scallops (SF16) is drunken scallops (they are actually lightly velveted and fried and added to a gorgeously sauced stir fry).

                  Beef flat noodle is the peppersteak flat noodle with black bean sauce (N10), pan fried seafood noodle is Seafood Pan Fried Noodle (N2) make sure to specify FRIED noodle not soft noodle (lo mein) cuz they cook it two different ways, one Chinese style seared to the pan and one like American lo dining partner usually orders in Vietnamese so I forgot about this issue. They usually ask you which one you want when u order in English. Preserved chinese vegetable with seafood is listed as preserved vegetable with fresh and dried squid (SF21), but we must always ask for seafood medley.

                  I checked out the Ho Ho menu, too and the sea bass filet in plum sauce is called:
                  H13 Plum Sauce With Fish Fillet

                  1. re: luckyfatima

                    Thanks for the translation, luckyfatima.