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Nov 21, 2010 04:59 PM

Where could I find Mozartkugel in Montreal?

Hey peeps,

Unfortunately, just got completely addicted and I need a fix! :)

Any can point me to an Austrian / German shop which might stock these chocolatey sins?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. They had them at Vielle Europe last year at this yummy. Good luck! (3855 Saint Laurent Blvd.)

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    1. re: moochoo

      Brill! Thanks will try there then! (there goes my diet!) :)

      1. re: chantaleanne

        another alternative = Salamico on Rue Thimmens in VSL

      1. re: estilker

        I was just at Atlantique yesterday and they have an abundance of them. A box of 12 for $12.95 and a box of 18 for $16.95. Tons of other goodies as well.

        1. re: yeggy

          What brand were they? I was at Oscar today and bought some Mirabell brand Mozartkugeln to give them a try, and they were, well... Pretty mediocre. The things sell at a premium price so I was expecting something a little better than drugstore chocolate. Is there anything better than Mirabell out there? I saw that they had another brand at Oscar, but now I won't dare try them unless they're recommended by someone who knows from Mozartklugeln.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            I believe they were Mirabell. I thought they were good. I did not notice any other brands but I am sure Atlantique has others. I will try going back when the weather clears up a bit.

      2. Are they the marzipan and dark chocolate covered candies from Austria?

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        1. re: montrealbelle

          Yes, I think they are one and the same but I wouldn't call them candies. They are chocolates. Quite nice with a hot drink where they melt in your mouth.