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Nov 21, 2010 04:14 PM

Butcher plea in Silver Spring/Wheaton: Suet, pancetta, spring lamb...


Searched through the board for some butcher recommendations, but alas didn't find anything that fit. Posting in hopes of being able to get my hands on some suet so I can make my hubby mincemeat pie for Christmas.

I also am looking for pancetta.

While I'm at it, where can I get my hands on a luscious spring lamb (<20 lbs) come Easter time?

With the plethora of ethnic joints in Wheaton, I can't believe there isn't a good butcher shop anywhere in the area. Yet google comes up empty.

Will travel to DC/NoVa if necessary.

Many TIA.

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  1. I get my pancetta from Wegmans.

    1. I have purchased panchetta from Marchone's in Wheaton (near Wheaton Plaza).

      There is a halal butcher next to Dana Bazaar on Nebel St. in Rockville which may have lamb and suet. You might also try Wagshal's and the Brookeville Market.

      1. For lamb, look at the halal butchers -- and Howard County is closer than NoVa if you don't have one near Silver Spring. In Columbia, there is Nazar's Market. In Elkridge, there is Coumbia Halal Meat or Ceazar's International. All easy access of I-95. They have lamb regularly, and I bet they would order for you. The guys at Nazar are especially nice, and you get the bonus of checking out a Turkish market.

        For suet, I would try those same halal butchers or the butcher at the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Burtonsville. Another option is JW Treuth in Oella near Ellicott City. It's a drive for you, but Trueth slaughters and breaks down cows every day. The place could be a good adventure.

        6801 Douglas Legum Dr Ste D, Elkridge, MD 21075