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Nov 21, 2010 02:14 PM


Two Philadelphia foodies are visiting Dublin for a week...Our "want" list for food includes:

Bang - we have lunch reservations
The Pig's Ear
Jo Burger
Gruel for brunch

Any other suggestions? I'm not looking for French suggestions, and we are not on a budget. Any must haves, I've searched the board and everything is either French or a bit outdated. Any new foodie hot spots? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well if you're not on a budget, the best foodie destination has to be the new 'chef's table' at Chapter One. We call it modern Irish but may be too 'french' for you.
    Also, The Cliff Town House is newly opened in a lovely building on stephens green. There are more, problem is that anything high-end is generally Michelin-starred, classical and french inspired.
    The Pig's Ear is a great choice, modern Irish and definitely french in technique and inspiration.
    For more casual stuff, L Mulligan in stoneybatter and Juniors in Sandymount are very popular with the Dubs at the moment, the recently opened Butcher Grill in Ranelagh is great; these aren't quite city centre but near enough.
    In the city, Fallon & Byrne for their downstairs wine bar, Avoca cafe for the scones, the cafe on top floor of Brown Thomas dept store does a pretty good Irish breakfast, i always tell visitors to see the Merrion Hotel, lovely building and traditional Irish done really well in the Cellar Bar. Bon Crubeen on Talbot St is new, a friend was there at the weekend and raved about it.
    I wouldn't bother with Millstone, you won't find one Irish person in it - popular with American tourists :)
    Check out these places' websites and shout if you need more advice.

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      oh and a pint of Guinness (or three) in The Long Hall!

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        Thanks for your help!! Really appreciate the feedback.

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          I totally agree about the Milestone, I also think you can do far better than Peploe's for food- try Pichet instead-far superior cooking.
          I personally wouldn't bother with Bang either. food is just so-so. For similar money you can have a far better dining experience across the street in Pearl Brasserie or a few minutes away at Dax.
          Dublinchow is right on the money as usual suggesting Chapter One. I can also recommend Thorntons or Patrick Guilbaud ( very good value lunch) for a high end French dining.

    2. Green19 on Camden Street is fantastic, great food, great buzz, great beers, great cocktails (I love "business time"!) and great prices. Not a huge menu, but what's on it is great. Mains are all €10.
      My favourite thing for lunch is the blue cheese, quince, chilli & chocolate salad. It's one place you can get corned beef and cabbage for dinner!

      The Tea Room in The Clarence is lovely and is now doing some good early bird specials as are a lot of places these days.

      Jo'Burger is deadly (that's Dublin for awesome) I love it. I love the chick pea burger with the orlando topping with extra smoked applewood cheese. The harissa mint aioli is amazing!!

      Enjoy your trip!