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Where can I buy fresh quail eggs?

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I live in the suburbs of Chicago (NW) and was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could purchase fresh quail eggs? Help!

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  1. I see them all over. Mitsuwa should have them, I saw them earlier today at Garden Fresh in Northbrook.

    1. I just discovered a "Pollos Vivos" located on Chicago Ave (in between Ashland and Damen) that is chock full of live poultry (for purchase) and they also have eggs... something crazy like only $6 for two dozen quail eggs!!!

      1. H-Mart in Niles and Naperville always has them. Enjoy!

        1. Treasure Island in Wilmette or Chicago always carry them.

          1. I just saw them at Gene's in Lincoln Square. I would call first to make sure they were not just for the holiday, though.

            1. Any Asian store in uptown. Always less than $2. Seen them at foc and obel for almost $7. And it was the same packaging!

              1. I saw them two hours ago for about $2 a dozen. Don't know name of store but it is on N Broadway at about Ainslie in a strip mall across from Uptown Post Office. Stand with your back to the street and face the strip mall. At the extreme left inner corner is an Asian supermarket---just to the right of that is a restaurant called Dong Ky. The supermarket has fresh quail eggs in the refrigerated case that holds tofu and green produce, along the back of the store.