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Nov 21, 2010 11:50 AM

premade empanada dough in Baltimore

Anyone know where I can find premade empanada dough in Baltimore. Wegmans does not have it, I'm sure it could be found in Fells- but wondering if anyone knows where to go for sure. I'm making empanadas as Thanksgiving apps.

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  1. can I use pie crust or pizza dough?

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      I'd use pepperidge farms frozen puff pastry before using pizza or pie dough.

    2. I wonder if Max's Empanadas in Little Italy sells it? It might be worth calling.

      I know they sell frozen empanadas which I have bought several times before. Actually when I ate at Max's I wasn't overly impressed (they cook them early in the day and then reheat them), but their empanadas baked at home are heavenly!

      Max's Empanadas
      313 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

      1. I saw some frozen empanada dough in GrandMart.

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            I went to one in Sterling - but it is a chain of ethic stores with locations in MD and VA. Interesting variety of ethnic food - I would say mostly asian - but also mexican and south american. Store was a little confusing since arranged by ethic divisions rather than typical order - so coconut milk showed up in 4 or five different isles. It was nice and clean seafood looked pretty fresh.

            In Baltimore there looks like there is one at 6901 Security blvd, Baltimore, MD 21244

        1. I've seen it in the freezer section at the Shoppers in Pasadena.

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            great- there is a shoppers near me I will check there-thanks

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              If that doesn't work, there is a market called El Patio on U.S. 1 just south of Rte 175. That's Jessup, not Baltimore. But they sell Fargo-brand empanada wrappers in the freezer section. They also make their own empanadas that they will sold hot or cold to reheat at home.

          2. Well I never did find the pre-made empanada dough- but I will keep loking- time just went to quickly.
            I tried 2 subsitutes- Pie dough works GREAT! it does taste a little different but it easy to work with and bakes properly. Puff pastry was a DISATSER! the dough does not want to be folded that way and enacts it's revenge in the oven spewing the contents all over the oven. The result was messy and ugly but the flavor was ok- so we kept these ones at home and took the pie dough variety and they were a huge hit.

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              I found premade empanada dough at H-Mart in Catonsville- they have a nice variety

              800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

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                My local Safeway had some premade empanada dough.