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Nov 21, 2010 11:39 AM

How's Markets being sold piecemeal

I heard that the remaining How's Markets are all being sold individually. The article I read said the Pasadena location was sold to an "undisclosed buyer".

Does anyone know what kind of business will be taking over the Pasadena location or when the market will officially close?

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  1. From The Daily Breeze:

    HOWS Markets plans to sell its chain of four stores in Torrance, Pasadena, Granada Hills and Malibu.

    "The company is looking for a buyer right now," said Casey Lynch, manager of the Torrance store at 190th Street and Anza Avenue.

    Several calls to the Pasadena-based HOWS corporate headquarters were not returned.

    HOWS was founded as an upscale grocery business in 1998 by former executives of Hughes Markets.

    The Torrance store opened in 2000 in the place of bargain-priced Top Valu supermarket, which closed amid picketing by union activists who opposed Top Valu's non-union policy.

    By contrast, HOWS employees have been affiliated with a union.

    The Torrance HOWS was a popular shopping destination, and stayed open round the clock. However, with the drop in business amid a weak economy, the store cut its hours in recent months.