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Nov 21, 2010 11:39 AM

Bought a Hobart Kitchen Aid 4C Stand Mixer on eBay - was it a mistake?

My fault if it was, since I did not do any research before bidding on eBay. It came to just over $100 including shipping, and should arrive this week. It is a tilt-head model (harvest gold, which is ironic since that was the color of the appliances when I bought my house 35 yrs ago and I gradually replaced everything with almond) with a bowl and wire whip. Once I won the auction, I went online to look for a paddle and dough hook, and read that the 4C came only with a whip because it is not powerful enough to handle dough. The eBay photo of the bottom appears to read 240 watts but I'm not certain of that - and wish I had looked more closely before bidding. I have been looking for a Hobart KA because of posts on this board about how the new models are not as well-made as the Hobart era machines.

I suppose I will spring for the online warranty ($12). Can anyone reassure me about this model's ability to handle heavier doughs, or am I doomed to using it only for batters? Should I even bother looking for the paddle, dough hook, or other attachments? If so, do the newly-made attachments fit old models? TIA

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  1. The 4C was made between 1961 and 1977. It's OLD. Never was a dough hook for it. Parts for it are eBay only, although you might have luck with a local appliance repair shop. If it's got the original cord, then it's only 2-prong and should be rewired to be grounded.

    1. I asked the company about the attachments that fit in front under that little silver plate and they said all the attachments fit all the models.

      The only bummer is I don't want to make sausage or coleslaw.
      I wish they had an attachment for something I needed to do like juice carrots.

      But I love my 4-c. It's just the best for cookies and it is pretty strong. I put the butter in their cold, in chunks, and it beats it to softened.

      1. Standmixer Attachments

        Do not use the KGMA, KPEXTA or SNFGA with stand mixer models 3C, 4C and 3B due to the extra wear and tear they place on the motor.

        1. Sounds exactly like my moms that I used growing up. Hers was harvest gold too lol. It's now my sisters because she replaced it with a new model. I haven't used hers in at least 25 years though so I can't comment on it's ability to make heavier doughs. She used it mostly for general baking like cakes and cookies which is also what I used it for when I lived at home.

          If you want a stand mixer capable of handling heavy doughs I recommend the Electrolux now called the Verona assistent. I hear the Bosch compact and universals are also very nice for heavy bread doughs but I haven't used them. Don't you have a Bosch or am I confusing you with another poster?

          I'd say, wait for it to arrive and try it.

          My kitchen aid I bought in the early '90s has been in a box in the garage for a couple years now and I don't miss it. It still works.

          1. If you are going to do a lot of heavy dough, a Verona from Becker's Bread might be worth the investiment.

            Of course, the newer "small" Hobart's are an option for some people too.